Foot Operated Paper Plate Making Machine

Foot Operated Paper Plate Making Machine-Mechanical Mini /Low Cost Project 

Working Principle :
A paper plate is a plate made out of paper and often lined with plastic to prevent liquid from leaking out or soaking through the paper. Paper plates are traditionally made by hand in Indian villages and our aim is to convert this laborious craft into a machine operation to make these paper plate in elegant shapes and sizes”. The base paper for paper plates is called kraft. This kraft is coated with the thin layer of silver film. This paper is then pass through successive stages of rolling, and then gets wounded on a roller. Then it is cut for required dimensions. After then this paper of required dimensions is pass to the press machine for giving required shape of plate. The operations from taking out the roller of coated paper, cutting it for required dimensions and then transferring it to the press machine are carried out manually.
  • This project work deals with mechanically operated paper plate making machine instead of made by hand in traditional way of laborious craft. These have good dimensional stability and are inexpensive with less time consumption.
  • There is described a foot-operated controller for providing discrete inputs to a machine to be controlled, comprising: a base; a foot-receiving member for receiving a foot of a user, the foot-receiving member movably secured to the base according to at least one degree of freedom and substantially extending within a plane; at least two switches each located at a different location between the base and the foot-receiving member and each activatable upon a corresponding motion of the foot-receiving member relative to the base; and a communication interface unit for connecting the foot-operated controller to the machine and transmitting to the machine a respective discrete command upon activation of the at least one switch, the discrete command corresponding to a discrete input for the machine.

Foot Operated Paper Plate Making Machine
Foot Operated Paper Plate Making Machine


  • Caterers (who are hired for catering food in wedding and parties) who serve snacks in paper
  • plates and use paper cups and glasses
  • Restaurants
  • Hawkers which sell food items on the roadside
  • Manufacturers of decorative items which need paper plates
  • Domesitc usag

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2 thoughts on “Foot Operated Paper Plate Making Machine

  1. Hi, am just amazed to see this foot operated paper plate making machine.
    Just curious to know if foaming material like food take out, can be used as well as the paper material.
    If yes,may I know the cost of one such machine which I would like to purchase as a sample for small business and sales as well.
    Looking forward for your response.

  2. I wanted to make foot press sealing machine .I just wanted reference to your foot operated machine.can you send details of your machine &drawing .pls send

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