Design Of Automated Wall Plastering Machine

Design Of Automated Wall Plastering Machine -Mechancial Project

Due to manual process of wall plastering on construction site, there is a huge scale requirement of labor and hence the labor cost is responsible for increasing the price of construction or project work. The quality of work is mostly depending on the skill of the labor work in manual plastering process.
The solution of these problems is just to automate the process, so that there will be a saving of period and cost and getting good plaster finishing to the walls. The plastering machine can plaster the walls automatically and very smoothly. Due to which the process will fast and there will be saving of cost and time this will helps to reduce the total cost, total time which ultimately responsible for the growth and hence the progress rate of a country is going to increase.

In the manual plastering technique, the crucial factor is skilled labor because of which plastering has been done on the walls, but presently there is lack of skilled labors due to which it is very inconvenient to complete this process. The labor requires more time to finish the process which increases their wages and hence the total plastering or labor cost increases.

From the above discussion about old plastering techniques, problems in old plastering techniques, their downsides, background of the plastering method and the decided aim to be achieve following are some objective have been decided.
1. This Machine will reduce the human work.
2. It will be straight forward in construction and simple to control.
3. Higher excellence of the plaster can acquire.
4. It will be move horizontally from to other place. So that it will be portable.
5. It will assist to save labor cost.
6. It will avoid wastages of the mortar, thus to save the cost.
7. Machine cost will be less than existing machines.
8. It can be control with the help of remote controller.

Design Of Automated Wall Plastering Machine
Design Of Automated Wall Plastering Machine

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