Design of Automated Coil Winding Machine

Design of Automated Coil Winding Machine- Mechanical Project


The main objective of this project is to develop an automated winding machine to wind coils for motors and pumps that will greatly reduce an effort behind the manually operated machines and to implement the idea of automation in coil winding machine at minimum manufacturing cost that increases the productivity of automated machine. This machine is needed to wind coils of copper wires up to 18 Gauge. Currently, this process is done manually which is being automated. Automatic plants can work continuously and decreases the gap between the demand and supply. For such a machine there is no need of labour so there is no human error. Without human error, the quality of product is better and cost of production would definitely decreases. Today’s fast growing industries requires an automated machine instead of manually operated machine.

Keywords—Aluminium former, Ball screw rod, PLC, Proximity Sensors, Servomotor.

Introduction to Coil Winding Machine :
The entire world is rapidly switching to advanced technology like Automation. It is a process in which all the process is done by using different instruments i.e. less man power is involved. So human errors are reduced in this process and hence the system gains high accuracy. All the lengthy processes included in the conventional processes are eliminated in automation process. So time required for getting result is decreased in automation process. Automation gives effective work with less time & less manpower.
Now a day, automation rapidly spreads all over sector for e.g. Agricultural, Industrial, Educational and Robotics etc. Design of Automatic coil Winding Machine is one of the easiest ways to manufacture coil winding for all type of motors and pumps. It is an upgrade version of existing manual coil winding machine. The issues in present version of coil winding machine such as excessive tension in coil while winding, wastage of insulation material in existing controlling mechanism has been overcome in this proposed design of coil winding machine. That is achieved by the use of modern electronic circuits with monitoring devices.

block diagram of coil winding machine
block diagram of coil winding machine


In this project “AUTOMATIC COIL WINDING MACHINE” main objective is to bring out a machine which can implement the idea of automation in Transformer winding or any type of coil windings .Here in real time application let us consider Transformer Manufacturer were the winding is important criterion.
A transformer changes (transforms) an alternating voltage from one value to another. It consists of two coils, called the primary and secondary winding, which are not connected electrically. The windings are either one on top of the other or are side by side on an iron, iron-dust or air core.

A transformer works by electromagnetic induction: a.c. is supplied to the primary and produces a changing (alternating) voltage in the secondary. It is important that as much as possible of the magnetic field produced by the primary passes through the secondary. A practical arrangement designed to achieve this in an iron-cored transformer. In which the secondary is wound on top of the primary. You should also notice that the induced voltage in the secondary is always of opposite polarity to the primary voltage.
Too large a current in a transformer causes magnetic saturation of the core i.e. the magnetization of the core is a maximum and it is no longer able to follow changes of magnetizing current. Particular care is required when there is a d.c. component.
In block consists of keypad, Microcontroller, display, Stepper motor, Stepper driver circuit, coil winding machine. This demo works on the basis that the keypad provided is for entering the set values that is the number of windings can be given In case of transformer the primary winding & secondary winding can be entered .All the interfacing with Microcontroller is done through its I/O lines The Microcontroller used here is 89C51.

The Values entered can be monitored in the Display with the display driver circuit which is connected to the Microcontroller the Stepper Motor Is for driving the Winding Machine .The stepper motor is put up by its Driver circuit.

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