Design and Modification of Chaff Cutter Machine

Design and Modification of Chaff Cutter Machine – Agricultural Project


Chaff Cutter Machine is hay or straw cutting machine which is used for uniform chopping of fodder for livestock to agro industries. In this paper, design and development of Chaff Cutter Machine is presented. The machine is developed gradually from basic machines into commercial standard machine that can be electrical driven to achieve various length of cut of chaff as per the preference.The new chaff cutter machine is modified for its compactness and to avoid blockage of grass.


A Chaff cutter is mechanical device used to cut the straw or hay into small pieces so as to mix it together and fed to cattle. This improves animal digestion and prevents animal from rejecting any part of their food. As per today’s scenario the population of buffalos is drastically increased. So to increase the productivity and reduce the physical effort required for running the machine the motorized machineries came into existence it is best for dairy farmers. Presently fodder cutting machines are electric driven as well as hand operated or engine driven.

Chaff and operations until they were replaced by tractors in the 1940s. Chaff cutters have developed gradually from the simple machines to commercial standard machines that can be driven at various speeds so as to achieve various sizes of chaff with respect to animal preference type. New chaff cutter machines include portable tractor driven chaff cutters in which cutting of chaff is done in the field and loaded in trolleys. The present green fodder cutting machine features a single, only rod-shaped cut green fodder, green fodder cannot cut block. Whether peasant family, tribunal or farms and sales markets are in urgent need of a new, practical, functional and greener fodder cutter.The population of cattle in India in 1987 was 274 million. For such kind of population traditional human powered fodder cutting machines were used, but due to this the efforts for running the machine was physically demanding. And as per today’s scenario the population of cattle is drastically increased. So to increase the productivity and reduce the physical effort required for running the machine the motorized machineries came into existence.


  • To ensure safety and make it compact.
  • To provide good fodder for animal
  • To save work time
  • To save electricity consumption
  • To provide pleasing/aesthetic look
  • To get protection from dust
  • To reduce noise
  • To increase corrosion resistance of machine
  • To Make It Portable easily

Need of new Chaff cutter machine :
The existing machines are observed and studied properly to detect the problems faced by the user are given below.
1. Less compact design
2. High voltage required such as 3 phase
3. Less safety while using by women
4. Noisy
5. Blockage of grass creates feed interference

chaff cutting machine
chaff cutting machine

Structure and working principle :
It is driven by motor and makes the driving of main shaft by belt. Under the high-speed rotation with cutter making the feed become filiform and powder, the feeds will be outflow from the material outlet through sieve. Chaff cutters are made up of feeding part, Cutting and throwing part, transmiting part,walking part and safety device, so it is reasonably structured safe and reliable.
• Feeding part is feed rollers.
• Cutting structure made up of motion knife and locking bolt.
• Transmitting structure mainly consist of belt,gears,pulleys
• Walking structure is made up of ground wheels

Watch Working Videos :

1. The machine is simple in construction as there is not so much complication in design. It is also important that velocity ratio can easily be determine measuring number of teeth on gears ,p.c.d of pulleys.
2. The machine is designed in such a way that it will require minimum space to install. As the motor is placed inside the machine stand not outside the machine, the space is considerably saved
3. As there are no sharp edges in the m/c for m/c frame and machine stand , it can be handled safley without injury. Blades are provided with double sharpening edges.
4. The m/c is provided with motor sliding arrangement and the cutting blades can be easily detached by operaotor for sharpening purpose.
5. We provided the poweder Scoating casing to whole assembly of m/c for safety and aesthetic look. And for corrosion resistance.
6. Machine has reduced noise and weight due to gears arrangement and compact design.
7. Machine has casters for portability.
8. Machine has 300kg/hr fodder cutting rate
9. Fodder size is 20mm in length
10. Forward and reversed rotation arrangements for blades

Reference and Download : in a new tab.

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