Design and Fabrication of frictionless energy generation using flywheel for Electric vehicles


  • Energy is usually produced by non-renewable sources such as petrol, Kerosene and nuclear which unfortunately create pollution, this is the main reason the idea of producing energy for charging the Electric car or electric vehicles for upcoming vehicles
  • Electric vehicles are taking very important part in today’s Indian and national market.
  • Green India clean India
  • India aims to become 100% e-vehicle nation by 2020.
  • frictionless energy generation using flywheel is  renewable .

AIM of Project : 

lots of people worried about the battery running out for battery car what to do then ?

Most mass market electric cars today have a range of 100-150 miles before the battery runs flat. Some of the top-end cars, such as Tesla’s electric sports cars, can run for 334 miles before needing a plug socket,
just imagine you stopped your car for speed breaker and still your battery is charging here kinetic energy we are using for the charging of vehicle battery

Frictionless energy generation using flywheel ?

  • When the car or bike wheel shaft rotates it rotates the flywheel shaft which is  connected parallely with the help of freewheel sprocket and chain
  • As the break apply or wheel stops ,here the flywheel takes a part still it rotates as its work to save energy,
  • we are utilizing this rotary  energy of flywheel to generate electricity .
  • by using neodymium magnet-coil arrangement, there is no physical contact like dynamo with flywheel,
  • just small coin size magnets are placed on flywheel when Tyre rotates with flywheel Neodymium magnet will start rotating coil is steady. So here e.m.f is produce from magnet and coil arrangement. By this way power will generate and store it into batteries .

3D model Frictionless energy generation using flywheel 

Design and Fabrication of frictionless energy generation using flywheel for electric vehicles
Design and Fabrication of frictionless energy generation using flywheel for electric vehicle
 1. Save energy
Flywheel is used in this project due to which kinetic energy is saved while braking the electric CAR
2. Reduce friction
Gear mechanism is not used in this project due to which friction is reduced.
3. No air and environment pollution
No fuel is required to run this project due to which no exhaust of pollutants take place.
4.Easy power generation
5. Helpful for upcoming electric vehicles
  1.  Electric cars bike 
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