Design and Fabrication of Friction less Energy Generation with Tyre

Design and Fabrication of Friction less Energy Generation with Tyre ( New Innovative Mechanical Projects 2017 )


  • The production and use of energy are vital to the economies of all countries and it is needed for many activities such as lighting and phone charging and driving the bike and lot of other stuff , Energy is usually produced by non-renewable sources such as petrol ,Kerosene and nuclear  which unfortunately create pollution, This is the main reason the idea of producing energy using a bike or Cycle Tyre.
  • Since there are cycling competition that are conducted throughout the year we could Generates sufficient energy to charge small and large devices.
  • But The problem is lots of other existing energy generation mechanism or generators generates energy by taking some physical contact with Tyre but we are developing This idea that could generates electricity without any friction with Tyre or any moving part of bike or cycle.
This is the Small Contribution Towards the Green energy and to save World from Health hazards pollution further Eco friendly E-bikes.

What is Friction less Energy Generation ? How it works ?

Bike or cycle Tyre are known to be richest source of kinetic energy , so we are converting directly kinetic energy to electrical energy to generates electricity, with this we can generates upto 230 volt energy , as per ther law of thermodynamics, also known as Law of Conservation of Energy, states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another

3D Model Of air operated mini car build in Catia.


Friction less Energy Generation with Tyre
Friction less Energy Generation with Tyre
 Prototype model  of friction less energy with tyre , engergy genration 230 volt , fabrication of friction less energy generation using Tyre


Design of Friction less  energy generation of Tyre
Design of Friction less  energy generation of Tyre
  •     To avoid Dynamo mechanism we have designed this system, in this we are replacing the conversion of kinetic energy to mechanical energy and then electrical energy we directly converting kinetic energy to electrical energy hence there is no chance of energy loss and we get 100% energy output without any friction and no effect to other parts by using this energy we can charge battery also we can make bicycle which can run on battery so this friction less energy generator will help to charge that battery or mobile or any other stuff
  • To do this mechanism we are using some coils and strong magnets which are different from normal magnets called as neodymium magnets, there is no physical contact like dynamo with tyre , just small coin size magnets are placed on Tyre when Tyre rotates emf induced in a coil. and it generates electricity this energy is up to 230 volt.
  • we can easily charge the battery with this.


  • Friction less energy generation
  • This Project gives 230 volt output main advantage.
  • No Air and environment pollution.
  • Components don’t need any maintenance
  • Ease of service.
  • Lighter weight.
  • Virtually silent operation.
  • In public place to charge mobile free of cost.


  • 1. Need to Cover whole system from water or mud.


1.    To charge battery bike or cycle.


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