Design and Fabrication Of Bamboo cutting – Slicing Machine

Design and Fabrication Of Bamboo cutting – Slicing Machine

In present Bamboo stripping process number of steps are involve to make Strips are: (1) Bamboo Cross Cutting, (2) Bamboo Spliting, (3) Bamboo Slicing. So the basic aim of this approach is to make a unique machine which can perform all the above processes.

Bamboo, commonly known as “cradle to coffin” timber is closely associated with life and livelihood of human being. Nearly one thousand
five hundred uses of bamboo have been documented so far. The diversified uses of bamboo ranges from farm equipment to storage device, from dolls to measuring tools, from furniture to decorative items. 

Domestic Use:

Since time immemorial, bamboo products are extensively used in the rural households in form of bhogai, tukli, kulei, koola, dala, pedi, binchana, etc. Bamboo made artifacts; containers, etc., are indispensable in some of the Hindu ceremonies. Bamboo products are the prerequisites in marriage ceremonies of many tribes and castes in Orissa.

The population of the neighbouring state of Jharkhand and Bihar also include bamboo products during many of their rituals. Bamboo has remained part and parcel of the cultural practices in the region.
Moreover, the forest produce has also aided livelihood practices like agriculture. The agricultural sector still remains the largest
consumer of bamboo products. Right from sowing to stocking of grains, bamboo articles find wide usage. Baskets, containers, ploughs, planks, winnowers and range of other articles are used in all the operations in agriculture.

Problem Identification and Research Methodology:

Traditionally the bamboo is processed in different steps and for each step a different machine is required which is time consuming and costlier. So there is need of manufacturing a machine which can perform number of operations. So here the main aim is to develop a bamboo stripping machine to reduce the number of steps and also to reduce the number of machines required to do Stripping operation.

Bamboo Cutting machine – agricultural Mechanical Projects 

Bamboo is very useful plant for human being as well as for animal. by using bamboo plant  one can make house ,furniture , food packing device, toys , musical instrument and many more applications are there.

This machine can split bamboo along the length which gives no. of slices . The concept of machine is shown here . whole assembly is mounted on frame . frame is bolted with ground floor . Lead screw is placed in horizontal direction , both ends of lead screw are fixed with frame by using bearing and bearing block.

bamboo cutting machine
bamboo cutting machine

Cutter is cutting element which has no of cutter i.e . Cutting Blades mounted radially along the circular disc. the disc has some opening passage for guiding bamboo.

Another important part here is Bamboo Pushing Mechanism .it involve backlash free lead screw nut ,pushing plate , L angle and side pulleys with railing . lead screw nut is engaged with lead screw shaft. plate is attached with flange which is on lead screw nut using nut and bolts. for further extra support on both sides pulleys with guiding horizontal railing which parallel to lead screw are attached.

Lead screw rotation speed can be controlled by single stage gear box speed reduction . motor is power source and which drives the lead screw.

Working of machine : 

Working is easy. As motor started it will rotate gears and lead screw. as soon as lead screw rotate ,nut starts moving forward direction along the lead screw i.e. horizontal direction .Bamboo should place in between cutting blade and push plate by worker or operator .

As nut moves forward it push bamboo towards the cutter and bamboo get spitted in several slices . To reverse the machine at home position we can reverse the motor direction by using some type of circuit and switching arrangement.

See Full Working Video animation : 

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