What is Design Process | Shingley Model

What is Design Process | Shingley Model

It involves six steps

Design process shingley model
Design process shingley model

1. Recognition of need

  • Realization of problem exists in the design or in the product
  • Identification of some defect in a current machine design
  • New product opportunity

2. Definition of problem

  • Specification of the item to be designed
  • Functional characteristics, cost, quality, performance, etc.

3. Synthesis

Preliminary ideas are developed through research of similar product or designs in use.

4. Analysis and Optimization

  • Suitability for the specified design constraints
  • If not suitable or design fails to satisfy the constraints
  • Then redesign or modified iteration continues until the proposed design meet the specifications (or) until feasibility is achieved.
  • Then components, sub-assemblies or sub-systems are then synthesized into the final overall system in a similar iterative manner.

5. Evaluation

  • Prototyping
  • Testing
  • Quality
  • Reliability testing

6. Presentation

Documentation of the design through drawings, material specifications, assembly lists, etc.

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The Design Process is the most important to understand computer aided design effectively. Thus one should first understand the design process. The design process is an iterative process which checks the suitability of the design again and again. The design process explained here is described by shigley.

A. Recognition of Need: Recognition of need involves the realization by someone that a problem exists for which some feasible solution is to be found. This might be the identification of some defect in a current machine design activity by an engineer or the perception of a new product marketing opportunity by a salesman.

B. Definition of Problem: Definition of problem involves a through specification of the item to be designed. This specification will generally include functional and physical characteristics, cost, quality, performance, etc.

C. Synthesis: During the synthesis phase of the design process various preliminary ideas are developed through research of similar product or design in use.

D. Analysis and Optimization: The resulting preliminary design is then subjected to appropriate analysis to determine their suitability for the specified design constraint. If this design fails to satisfy the constraints, they are redesigned or modified on the basis of the feedback from the analysis. This iterative process is repeated until the proposed design meets the specification or until the designer is convinced that the design is not feasible.

E. Evaluation: The assessment or evaluation of the design against the specification established during the problem definition phase is then carried out. This often requires the fabrication and testing of a prototype model to evaluate operating performance quality, reliability, etc.

F. Presentation: The final phase of design process is the presentation of the design. This include the documentation of the design through drawing, material specification, assembly lists and so on.

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