You may know :
CRDi – (Common Rail Direct Injection)
TDi – (Turbocharged Direct Ignition)
DTS-i – (Digital Twin Spark Ignition)
VTVT – (Variable Timing Valve Train)
MPFI – (Multi point fuel injection)
ABS – (Anti Lock Braking)
SOHC – ( Single OverHead Camshaft)
DOHC – (Double Overhead Camshaft)
SUV – (Sport Utility Vehicle)
MUV – (Multi Utility Vehicle)
SAE – (Society of Automotive Engineers)
HCV – (Heavy Commercial Vehicle)
LCV – (Light Commercial Vehicle)
CVTi – (Charged motion Variable Time Ignition)
CCVTI – (Controlled Combustion Variable Timing Ignition)
EBD – (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution)
BHP – ( Brake Horse Power)
BMEP – (Brake Mean Effective Pressure)
BSFC – (Brake Specific Fuel Consumption
CC – (Cubic Capacity)
CDI – (Capacitor Discharge Ignition)
C.I ENGINE – (Compression Ignition Engine)
CNG – (Compressed Natural Gas)
DFI – (Digital Fuel Injection)
DI ENGINE – (Direct Injection Engine)
EC ENGINE – (External Combustion Engine)
FHP – (Frictional Horse Power)
GVW – (Gross Vehicle Weight)
HVAC – (Heating ventilating and Air Conditioning)
IC ENGINE – (Internal Combustion Engine)
IHP – (Indicated Horse Power)
IMEP – (Indicated Mean Effective Pressure)
ISFC – (Indicated Specific Fuel Consumption)
Kph – (Kilometer Per Hour)
Kpl – (Kilometer Per Liter)
OHV – (Over Head Valve)
SFC – (Specific Fuel Consumption)
SI ENGINE – (Spark Ignition Engine)
VDB – (Ventilated Disc Brake)
VVTi – (Variable Valve Timing)
4WD – (Four Wheel Drive(FWD)
2WD – (Two Wheel Drive)
TC – (Traction Control)
ESC -(Electronic Stability Control)
ARAI -(Automotive Research Association of India)
EGR -(Exhaust Gas Recirculation)
EVRV -(Electronic Vacuum Regulator Valve)
WGT -(Waste Gas Turbocharger)
VGT – Variable Geometry Turbocharger)

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