How Automobile /Car Engine Is Specified ?


 Specification of automobile engines
Engine specifications may include following details :
(a) Model Designation : Model designation as specified by manufacturer.
(b) Engine Configuration : Number of cylinders and their arrangement.
(c) Fuel System : Fuel system with carburetor or with multi-point fuel injection (MPFI)
(d) Displacement Volume : Stroke volume of all cylinders.
(e) Ignition System 
(f) Maximum Horse Power 
(g) Maximum Torque 
Example : Engine Specification of Santro Car. 
how car engine is specified
how car engine is specified

Model Designation :
Hydraulic epsilon engine.
Configuration : In-line-4 cylinder.
Fuel System : Multi-point fuel injection (MPFI).
Displacement : 1086 cc.
Ignition System : Distributorless.
Maximum Horse Power (BHP/rpm) : 63 at 5500 rpm.
Maximum Torque (kgm/rpm) : 9.8 kg at 3000 rpm
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