Automobile Engine Related Mechanical Engineering Projects

Automobile Engine Related Mechanical Engineering Projects

This articles contain list of projects for mechanical engineering students related to Automobile Engine . This list contain projects which are helpful for B.E. Mechanical , Diploma Mechanical Students For Final year Submission . If you looking For Automobile Engine related Projects for Engineering Diploma , B.E. / B.TECH mechanical field then you can refer Following List of titles.

To get more information about particular title please click on title For further Browse abstract , Concept Images ,Diagram and Report pdf Download of the same Projects .  We try to upload new mechanical engineering projects Daily Here . These project list is about mini projects , Major Projects , simple , Low Cost , Low budget , Innovative projects ideas .

About Automobile Engines : 

“Engine Is a Device Which Converts The Chemical Energy Into Mechanical Energy”. Basically there are two types of engines like petrol engine and diesel engine. But now a days we can see gas engines also] in market. In automobile language we call it S.I engine and C.I engine. S.I means spark ignition engine we call it “Petrol engine” in common language. and C.I means compression ignition engine. We call it “Diesel engine” in common language.  Automobile engines (diesel, petrol,gas) produce power by burning the fuel. As the requirement of more power,fuel burned on high pressure (diesel engines only) some other produce more power by its more quantity.

There are two types of engine,

  1. External Combustion Engine- The engine in which combustion takes place outside the engine is known as External Combustion Engine.
  2. Internal Combustion Engine- The engine in which combustion takes place inside the engine is known as Internal Combustion Engine.
automobile engine project-min
automobile engine project-min

Automobile Engine Related Mechanical Engineering Projects –

Mini Projects  , Major Projects , Innovative Project topics with Abstract- Diagram and PDF Report related to Automobile Engine useful for Mechanical College Students , Diploma Students and Final year Students 

  1. Design and Fabrication on Hydrogen engine (Water fuel) – Mechanical Project
  2. Design and Fabrication Of Air Engine- Mechanical Project
  4. Project | Compressed Air Vehicle (CAV)
  5. Automatic Brake Failure Indicator and Engine Overheating Alarm
  7. Design, Modeling and Material Optimization of Engine Piston for 150cc Motor Cycle
  8. Fabrication of Two Engine Synchronization for Four Wheeler
  9. Design And Fabrication Of Downdraft Gasifier Applied To I.C. Engine

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