The Application of Modern Gears in Various Industries

The Application of Modern Gears in Various Industries

Gears are very popular mechanical items that have been used across various industries to serve several purposes for long. Gears are considered the inherent and most vital part of any modern engine or machinery. In fact, they can be remarked as the life of any engine. The prominent industries which require the application of modern gears are defence, food processing, marine, sugar, petrochemicals, earth moving, power generation, railway, to name a few.

Owing to such large and widespread demand of gears in the modern industries, there is no surprise that the global market expenditure on them is touching a phenomenal Rs.12,500 crore mark. Since the number of industries in which the gears are used are very large, it is not feasible to describe each and every one them here.

Application of Gears
Application of Gears

That is why some of the popular industries, along with the use of gears in them and the type of gears used in them are mentioned below:

1) Defense Industry: Defense is a very crucial industry as it is associated with the safety and security of the inhabitants of a nation. Gears are primarily used in this industry in various types of weapons as well as in other components required for the proper operation of this industry. The use of bevel and several types of reduction gears is common in this industry.

2) Marine Industry: There is a huge demand for gears in the marine industry, which are generally used there in yachts, commercial ships, cruise liners, patrol boats, warships, and so. The gears used in this industry are usually referred as marine gears. These gears not only ensure huge power transmission, but high-speed as well.

3) Petrochemical Industry: As apparent from the name, petrochemical industry deals with the production of various types of useful chemicals. But, these valuable chemicals can’t be produced without the use of certain machines and equipment which are meant for the purpose. And again, such chemical production machinery require the use of several industrial gears like ground, helical, spur, and precision gears.

4) Earth Moving Industry: Earth moving industry is indispensable for the survival of construction and infrastructure development sectors, owing to the necessary equipment and machinery supplied by it for various crucial activities performed in these sectors. Gears like spur, helical, and planetary form an integral part of the machinery and vehicles used in the earth moving industry.

5) Power Generation Industry: Power generation or power industry is an industry that forms the basis of all other industries and sectors. As we all know, nothing can be done without power, hence this industry is very crucial. Gears play a vital role in making certain power generation equipment functional. This industry witnesses wide use of bevel, planetary, and internal gears.

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