Design and Fabrication Of Idler Gears- Mechanical Project


There are disclosed an automatic gear change control apparatus for an automobile and a method of controlling such apparatus. A rotational output of an internal combustion engine is connected to drive wheels of the automobile and a load device.
Here we have fabricated the variable speed gear box for the different applications. It’s a new innovative concept. The equipment has been mainly developed the variable speed working mechanism, through this mechanism we are able to work the different tools with different speed. This system is used in the small and large industries etc.

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The monitoring of a gearbox condition is a vital activity because of its importance in power transmission in any industry. Therefore, to improve upon the monitoring techniques and analysis tools for finding the gear ratios in the gearbox and the current passing through the motor running the gearbox, there has been a constant endeavour for improvement in these monitoring techniques.

design and fabrication of idler gears in variation speed gear box
design and fabrication of idler gears in variation speed gear box

Techniques such as wear and debris analysis, vibration monitoring and acoustic emissions require accessibility to the gearbox either to collect samples or to mount the transducers on or near the gearbox. But dusty environment, background noise, structural vibration etc. may hamper the quality and efficiency of these techniques. Hence, there is a need to monitor the gearbox away from its actual location, which can be achieved through Motor current signature analysis (MCSA) which has already been successfully applied to condition monitoring of induction motor and in bearings.


Here we use five gears, one is fixed in the motor shaft, which is known as driven shaft, and remain four gears are engaged in straight line. The gears are of different ratio by this the speed of the shaft will be vary. For example, if the 1st gear rotates at 40 rpm then the 2nd gear will rotate at 20 rpm and the 3rd gear will rotate at 40 rpm and then the 4th gear will rotate at 50 rpm. This can be given to the different application of the industry.

• It requires simple maintenance cares.
• The safety system for industry.
• Checking and cleaning are easy, because of the main parts are screwed.
• Easy to Handle.
• Low cost automation Project.
• Repairing is easy.
• Replacement of parts is easy.

• It is very much useful for small and large scale industries.
• Thus it can be useful for the manufacturing process such as drilling, shaping etc. in single operation.

• It requires lubrication.

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