A hydraulic fluid power system is defined as a means of power transmission in which relatively in-compressible fluid is used as the power transmitting media.

Scope and objective
          The primary purpose of hydraulic system is the transfer of energy from one location to another location and this energy into useful work.
The main parts of this project are given below:

  1. Grease tank
  2. Motor
  3. Cylinder
  4. Wheel and pulley
  5. Grease gun
  6. Piston

Working principle

          In this project of the fabrication of HYDRAULIC GREASE GUN FOR INDUSTRIES is used to apply the grease on bearing surface in industry, olden days manual grease gun is employed but it will give only low pressure, here high pressure is applied over the bearing surface to send the grease to all surface of bearings which provides the proper lubrication between the balls and bearing ring, Efforts have been taken to show the path of hydraulic fluid as it is applied and released.
Fabrication Of Manual Hydraulic Grease Gun For Industries
Fabrication of Manual Hydraulic Grease gun For Industries
The Hydraulic system pressure can be generated in the form of any physical action which result a compression over the Hydraulic system or pneumatic pressure which is developed in the form of air compressing externally can be applied to activate Hydraulic system. There is a constant relation between pressure density, and volume, According to Bernoulli’s equation. Liquids can be heated by applying high pressure without any external heat energy supplied to them. So the specific heat of any liquid system which is used in the hydraulic machinery must be more than enough to with stand the pressure applied over them also viscosity must be high enough for smooth conversion of external pressure applied over them to hydraulic pressure. 
1. The process uses low- cost energy source
2. Large machines frames are not required on the process
3. Intricate shapes on material of low form ability can be worked fairly easily.    
4. It does not require special type hoses.
5. No extra skill is required for operating this system.
6. Easier maintenance
 1. Machining work is very complicated.
 2. Very study base needed.
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