Fabrication of High Torque Hydraulic Spanner – Mechanical Project

Abstract : 

“HYDRAULIC SPANNER” it can be used for tightening & loosening of bolts & nuts with less effort. In modern Manufacturing technology fastening & releasing of bolts & nuts is one of the most important operation is mechanical work.
Hydraulic arrangement works in the principle of PASCAL’s law Hydraulic cylinder operations are based on hydraulic pump operation. Hydraulic oil is available in the tank. Tank is the one of the portion in the hydraulic pump. Hydraulic oil is pumping to the Hydraulic cylinder by using hydraulic pump system. It’s the manual operation.
All hydraulic oil stored in the hydraulic cylinder. So high oil pressure create in the cylinder portion. In this time, ram can move in the cylinder portion. So ram can performed to our selected job.
To reduce the stress and pain in fastening and releasing of the bolts and nuts, technicians used numerous tools. One among them is “HYDRAULIC SPANNER. The tool hydraulic spanner is introduced to do the work totally involved in Mechanical Engineering, in all machine oriented work like the Erection of new machines or to repair an old machines or to change some spares. We have to remove the sealing or fastening. After the completion of work again we have to seal it by using the bolt and nut.

hydraulic spanner project
hydraulic spanner project

1) no human effort involved
2) tightening load is constant
3) tightening load may adjust by controlling pressure contol valve

1) Tough maintenance
2) System is costly

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