Design and Fabrication Of Hydraulic Bridge Project

Design and Fabrication Of Hydraulic Bridge Project


Hydraulic bridge is our major project . in this project we will move bridge using hydraulic pressure. Hydraulic actuators controlled energy to the punch. so the Operator needs to provide only modest effort regardless of conditions. Hydraulic Punching machine helps to make hole in Various size by changing tool. As well, Hydraulic Punch provides some feedback of forces acting on the Sheet and Hole can Made in Sheet metal.

Hydraulic Hole punching machine is reduce Effort To Operator. Operator Need Very Less amount of effort.

Hydraulic hole punching machine operated by compressed Air. Hydraulic clamp have Hydraulic Cylinder, 5/2 Flow control Hand Lever valve With a punch machine holes are punched in work pieces via a Hydraulic cylinder. The cylinder is equipped with two sensors 1S1 and 1S2 which report a 1 if the back or the front of the end state is reached and is controlled via a magnetic valve. The cylinder seems simple. Moving out of position is effected via compressed air as soon as 1Y1 is activated, moving into position is effected via spring force.

The punch system is activated via two push-buttons, S1 and S2. In order to avoid accidents during the production both buttons have to be activated to run the punch machine.

A control has to be installed which ensures that both buttons are activated before the cylinder punches a hole into the work piece. In addition, safety measures have to be taken so that no manipulation is possible, for example, the push-button is glued. That means that the punch must only be operated when the two buttons are actually pressed anew.

The following tasks result from this exercise:

Creation of an assignment table with inputs and outputs

Creation of the project in Step7

Creation of symbol table in Step7

Creation of the program

Checking with PLCSIM

Solution approaches: In order to put this control into practice an Edge evaluation is necessary in any case. This is the only way that the running of the punch machine is guaranteed when the buttons are pressed (signal 0 -> 1). The output 1Y1 has to be controlled with memory units as otherwise the cylinder has to “save” its state after the two buttons have been pressed, before the front end state resets the saved state.

hydraulic bridge
hydraulic bridge


  • Hydraulic Cylinder.
  • Compressor.
  • Solenoid control valve
  • Die(male, female)clamp

The main objective of our project presentation topics is to designing and developing a very compact, punch making machine. Initially the switch unit operates the compressor which delivers the air to the solenoid valve at certain pressure. The solenoid controls the flow direction of air to the Hydraulic cylinder. Thus the reciprocating motion of the Hydraulic cylinder creates high force to punch the work piece. This part consists of two parts one is fixed called upper die, at the base and other is fixed called lower die at the end of piston rod. This part is moved up and down to provide the force on the object.

Here in this project presentation topics we used for carrying the objects from one side to another side the object when it comes, if it detects the object means it will out puts a low pulse to the controller. Hydraulic is act as punching equipment. We can connect seal or cup cast with the Hydraulic for cup production. Different seals and casts are used for punching the different shapes. When control unit detects the low pulse from then that will ON the Hydraulic for Punch. After a second the controller will OFF the Hydraulic. After getting the punch from the Hydraulic spiral punch making.


  • It reduces the manual work
  • It reduces the production time
  • Uniform application of the load gives perfect removing of the bearing.
  • Damages to the bearing due to the hammering is prevented
  • It occupies less floor space
  • Less skilled operator is sufficient


  • Initial cost is high
  • Cylinder stroke length is constant
  • Need a separate compressor


  • Pressing Operation in all industries
  • Paper punching industries
  • Leather washer operation in all industries
  • Punching operation also done.

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