In spring working industry a wide range inspection machines are used. As the industry is a large and growing industry different type of machines are used for different operations. Our project the spring rolling machine is very simple in operation by using microcontroller with digital display. This machine is used to testing the various types of spring load test in different diameters and length of the spring. This machine can be used
in various fields. This machine is simple in construction and working principle.
Spring rolling industry is a large and growing industry. There are many special purposes machines used in this industry to-day. The proper selection of the machines depends upon the type of the work under-taken by the particular industry.
spring testing machine mechanical project diagram
Spring Testing Machine Mechanical Project
There are many examples of spring, which can be seen in our every day lives. The metals generally used for spring rolling work include iron, copper, tin, aluminium, stainless and brass. Our project the “SPRING TESTING MACHINE” finds huge application in all spring manufacturing industry.
The microcontroller receives the signals from power supply unit; the transistor T1, T2, T3 and T4 is used to ON the each letter one by one with respect to the load applying to the spring. The circuit drew the power from the rectified 12 volt supply. This 12 volt is regulated by the 5 volt with the help of 7805. The 12 MHz crystal oscillator is used in this circuit. This oscillator is used to decide the operating speed of the microcontroller.

Time = 1/frequency
= 1/ (12 x 10-⁶)
= 0.08 Microsecond

Low Cost load testing Machine.
The total memory requirement for program and data is only 4 kilobytes.
Easy to change the program
Power drawn the circuit is low

Additional cost is required

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