Remote Controlled Multipurpose Robot For agriculture Report

Remote Controlled Multipurpose Robot For agriculture Report Download 


This project strives to develop a robot capable of performing operations like automatic ploughing, seed dispensing and pesticide spraying. It also provides manual control when required and keeps tabs on the humidity with the help of humidity sensors. The main component here is the microcontroller that supervises the entire process. Initially the robot tills the entire field and proceeds to ploughing, simultaneously dispensing seeds side by side.


Indian modern agriculture development does not have sufficient skilled labor to trade off new technology. The problem focused here is direct seeding. The manually operated seed sowing technique associates exposure of seeds to rats, birds and snails. So, it is mandatory to automate this sector and a progressive innovation becomes necessity for raising the demand on agro product quality. To give an elucidation to these problems, a sensor guided rover for digging, precise seed positioning and sowing has been proposed to reduce the human effort and also to increase the yield. The rover’s navigation is performed by remote guiding devices fortified with the positioning system.
Indian economics base on agriculture field development in agriculture lead to raise to economic status of country. In India farmer are facing problem due to unavailability of labor. Also traditional way of farming equipment which takes lots of time and it also increases labor cost.
The idea of applying robotic technology in agriculture is very new. In agriculture the opportunities for robot enhanced productivity are immense and the robot is appearing on the farm in increasing number. We can expect the robot performing agriculture operation autonomously such as mechanical weed control, digging, weeding, seed sowing, and spraying.


As we all know the main requirement in the industry or any firm is man power. So the main objective of our project is to reduce the need of man power. The agriculture sector is the one where not only number of labours are required but also they must have the required skill set for farming. Need of labours can be accomplish by automating the process of seed sowing, ploughing and water spraying by using solar panel. The “Seed plantation and ploughing” is one of the most important and day-to-day job of the farmers. Conventional method suffers from various problems. The main aim of our project is to reduce the human effort, time requirement and to increased accuracy of the seed plantation project design.

Farmers today spend a lot of money on machines that help them decrease labor work and increase yield of crops. There are various machines that are available for ploughing, harvesting, spraying pesticides etc., however these machines have to be manually operated to perform the required operations and moreover separate machines are used for every functions. The yield and profit returns from employing this equipment are very less as compared to the investment. Another issue is the growing demands of the world’s population. The World Health Organization estimates that Earth’s population will touch 9 billion in 35 years which will lead to a staggering demand in increase of growth of food crops. Automation is the ideal solution to overcome all the above mentioned shortcomings by creating machines that perform more than one operation and automating those operations to increase yield on a large scale.

Agriculture is humankind’s oldest and still important economic activity, providing the food, feeder, fiber and fuel necessary for our survival. The current trend in agricultural robot development is to build more smart efficient machines that reduce the expense of the farmer while still providing one more services and higher quality which is precisely what we have done in this paper. Development of a robot that can perform automated ploughing and seeding operation can be manually navigated by the farmer and stabilizes the humidity in the environment.

agricultural robot Design - Mechanical project design
agricultural robot Design – Mechanical project design


  • The assembly of the robotic system is built using high torque DC motor, RF module (transmitter receiver) for wireless communication , relay driver circuit, Battery package and microcontroller module which is shown in block diagram above.
  • When DC motor is started, the vehicle moves along the particular columns of ploughed land for digging and sowing the seeds and its movement is controlled by remote guiding device.
  • LCD module is used to display the condition of the battery level. The remote control transmitter and receiver is shown in block diagram.
  • This system has two main sections, robot end and control section, which are intercommunicated.


1- It is one of the latest and sophisticated system
2- It control whole system automatically.
3- It is reliable and requires less maintenance.
4- It is Affordable.
5–The system working is simple and easy to use.


1-Need DC power supply all time and quickly discharged.
2- Need of skilled workers to drive and for maintenance.


1-The system or robot can be mainly use in agricultural field.
2-It is used in home gardening.
3-It is used in sports ground
4-It is used in fruit gardens.


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