Mass production | Flow Production – Types Of Mass production

Mass production | Flow Production – Types Of Mass production

Mass or flow production:

This method involves a continuous production of standardized products on a large scale. Under this method, production remains continuous in anticipation of future demand. Standardization is the basis of mass production. Standardized products are produced under this method by using standardized materials and equipment. There is a continuous or uninterrupted flow of production obtained by arranging the machines in a proper sequence of operations. Process layout is best suited method for mass production units. Flow production is the manufacture of a product by a series of operations, each article going on to a succeeding operation as soon as possible. The manufacturing process is broken into separate operations. The product completed at one operation is automatically passed on to the next till its completion. There is no time gap between the work done at one process and the starting at the next. The flow of production is continuous and progressive.

mass production
mass production

Characteristics of Mass production :

  • The units flow from one operation point to another throughout the whole process.
  • There will be one type of machine for each process.
  • The products, tools, materials and methods are standardised.
  • Production is done in anticipation of demand.
  • Production volume is usually high.
  • Machine set ups remain unchanged for a considerable long period.
  • Any fault in flow of production is immediately corrected otherwise it will stop the whole production process.

Suitability of flow/mass production:

  1. There must be continuity in demand for the product.
  2. The products, materials and equipments must be standardised because the flow of line is inflexible.
  3. The operations should be well defined.
  4. It should be possible to maintain certain quality standards.
  5. It should be possible to find time taken at each operation so that flow of work is standardized
  6. The process of stages of production should be continuous.

Advantages of mass production :

  1. The product is standardised and any deviation in quality etc. is detected at the spot.
  2. There will be accuracy in product design and quality.
  3. It will help in reducing direct labour cost.
  4. There will be no need of work-in-progress because products will automatically pass on from operation to operation.
  5. Since flow of work is simplified there will be lesser need for control.
  6. A weakness in any operation comes to the notice immediately.
  7. There may not be any need of keeping work-in-progress, hence storage cost is reduced.

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