What is Production Planning and Control – Objectives of PPC

Production Planning and Control: Meaning, Characteristics and Objectives!

Production Planning and Control ( PPC )

Production is done my manufacturing different things with various processes. Planning looks ahead, anticipates possible difficulties and decides in advance about the production. The control phase makes sure that the programmed production is constantly maintained.
A production planning and control (PPC) system has many functions to perform like:-

  1. Planning phase:- Forecasting, order writing, product, product design, material control, tool control, loading etc.
  2. Action phase:- Dispatching
  3. Control phase:- Data processing, expediting and replanning

planning and control is concerned with implementing the plans, i.e. the detailed scheduling of jobs, assigning of workloads to machines (and people), and the actual flow of work through the system.
Production is an organized activity of converting row materials into useful products. Production activity takes place in a wide range of manufacturing and service sectors. Production system requires the optimal utilization of natural resources like men, money, machine, materials and time. Production planning and control coordinate with different departments: such as production, marketing, logistics, warehouse and other departments depending upon the nature of organization. Production planning and control receives data related to orders from marketing departments. Production plan based on marketing and production data is prepared in production planning and control. This production plan provides clear idea about utilization of manufacturing resources for production. Prepared production plan is delivered to production department. Production department manufacture products according to that plan.

Production planning and control is an important task of Production Manager. It has to see that production process is properly decided in advance and it is carried out as per the plan. Production is related to the conversion of raw materials into finished goods. This conversion process involves a number of steps such as deciding what to produce, how to produce, when to produce, etc. These decisions are a part, of production planning. Merely deciding about the task is not sufficient.

The whole process should be carried out in a best possible way and at the lowest cost. Production Manager will have to see that the things proceed as per the plans. This is a control function and has to be carried as meticulously as planning. Both planning and control of production are necessary to produce better quality goods at reasonable prices and in a most systematic manner.

Production planning is the function of looking ahead, anticipating difficulties to be faced and the likely remedial steps to remove them. It may be said to be a technique of forecasting ahead every step in the long process of production, taking them at a right time and in the right degree and trying to complete the operations at maximum efficiency. Production control, on the other hand, guides and directs flow of production so that products are manufactured in a best way and conform to a planned schedule and are of the right quality. Control facilitates the task of manufacturing and see that everything goes as per the plans.

production planning and control
production planning and control

Objectives of Production Planning and Control:

Planning of production precedes control. Whatever is planned needs to be controlled. The ultimate objective of both planning and control is to use various inputs in an efficient way and to have a proper control over various targets and schedules fixed earlier.

The following details will bring out the objectives of production planning and production control:

Production Planning:

1. To determine the requirements for men, materials and equipment.

2. Production of various inputs at a right time and in right quantity.

3. Making most economical use of various inputs.

4. Arranging production schedules according to the needs of marketing department.

5. Providing for adequate stocks for meeting contingencies.

6. Keeping up-to-date information processes.

Production Control:

1. Making efforts to adhere to the production schedules.

2. Issuing necessary instructions to the staff for making the plans realistic.

3. To ensure that goods produced according to the prescribed standards and quality norms.

4. To ensure that various inputs are made available in right quantity and at proper time.

5. To ensure that work progresses according to the predecided plans.

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