Interviwer may ask about what are the types of production systems?  Because every firm has their own production type. 
Production systems can be categorised into four types 
1. Continuous flow type production system.
The example of continuous type of production system are : chemical plants, oil refiners, etc 
2. Mass production system
In mass production components are produced in large quantities and minimal variety. The mass production system is product layout. The example of mass production system are : manufacturing of nut and bolts, and springs. The mass production system utilize automated transfer lines, which are highly efficient in production of large quantities of a fixed product. 
3. Batch production system.
In batch production inon system, the components are produced in medium quantities and medium variety. The examples of batch production system are :manufacturing of marine engines, vehicles, clothes, etc. The batch production systems utilize flexible manufacturing systems (FMS). Flexible manufacturing system is a machine cell, consisting of a group of per processing workstations interconnected by an automated material handling and storage systems. The setup q is computer controlled and can be programed as per the process sequence requirement of the particular batch of components. 
4. Job production system.
In job production system the components are produced in low quantities, based on the order
The minimum lot size can be one unit. The examples of job production system are: manufactoring of jigs,fixture, dies, etc.  The job production system uses stand alone machine including  CNC machines,which are highly flexible and can accommodate huge product varieties. The drawbacks are low production rate and large setup time. 
Comparison of Production systems:
The four types of production systems can be distinguished in terms of production quantity and product variety ( flexibility) as shown in fig 
comparion between production systems
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