Manually Operated Biogas Filling  Machine – Mechanical Engineering Project
Introduction to Project

Ever since the industrial revolutions human have been dependent on fuels for automobiles, cooking such as petrol, diesel LPG,CNG or biogas etc. in order to make their lives easier unfortunately in doing so; there have been several unforeseen side effects so we need to utilize new alternative fuels in automobiles cooking as stock of conventional fuels are very limited &it is diminishing day by day so need make a new concept for storing conventional or non conventional fuel or gas.
So we make our new concept “Manually Operated Biogas Filling  Machine” in these concept we filled biogas in cylinder using manual power very easily.
                The shortage of LPG Is very big problem now a days again the supply of LPG cylinders is intermitted  and insufficient and seriousness  of situation can be explain by long quos of cylinder in both rural and urban areas so we have needed to overcome the problem .
                 So use of biogas is good alternative for LPG. it is very competitive fuel now a days. We are replacing LPG with biogas at least  in rural areas still  its use is limited .the main problem with biogas is its storages and transportation. Biogas is produced in  digester and stores there itself so that it can utilize in near vicinity this does not give any flexibility to use of biogas away from its production point it is again seen that India country have base of farming. the farmer having their cattle in the farm and live villages. this put limitations on using biogas for cooking purpose.
Our project is provided solution for above said problem. At present no technology is available to sore and transportation the biogas ones this gas is available in the cylinder like LPG . it can be used for various purpose. It can be used hot only for cooking but also in water heating, automobile, small electricity generators etc. And main used for their machine in rural areas there are no jobs in rural areas. So people are migrating to urban areas. The biogas production and filling station can be done for rural areas. The biogas can be produce in regularly supply. For, rural areas the biogas can be produce in big digesters and can be regularly supply for domestic and commercial purpose this will create employment in rural industries. Bio gas production and filling cylinder is cheap and risk less process. Same project’s can be set up for waste disposal plant in urban areas.
Manually Operated Biogas Filling  Machine
Fig. Manually Operated Biogas Filling  Machine
India is a big country in
term of geographical expanses size and population with the population explosive
this popular country is in need of better means of live hood.
Our project brings the problem of better utilization of manpower in the
village by reducing unemployment. The revival of village sector brings
prosperity in village. We have to pay more attention to the revival and
expansion of small-scale industries in the villages and also create more
employment opportunities there. Our manufacture and designing of suitable
machinery for rural industrialization will help in good production improve
productivity more employment.
Working of our project is based on non-conventional energy a source that
is biogas. A non-conventional source of energy of emerging technology, which
has higher priority with reference to national needs. Energy is an important
input in all sector of any country economy. The standard of living of a given
country can be directly related to per capital energy consumption. Energy needs
a developing country like India
is going to increase significantly is foreseeable future is a well-known
factor. Hence it is absolutely necessary to plan for this critical input, so
that countries development is not hampered.
The working of our project is based on shaper mechanism. The shaper is a
reciprocating machine tool intended primary to produce a sliding motion.
It consists of a bearing attachment to the driving sprocket. In which
turn is connected to the individual crank of piston cylinder mechanism.
The rotary motion is transferred from one sprocket to another sprocket.
On one shaft there are two sprocket mounted which has varying in diameter. From
on one sprocket the rotary motion is transferred into sliding motion. To
transmit rotary motion bearing is used.
In using belt and rope drives that slipping may occur. In order to avoid
slipping steel chains are used. The chains are made of number of rigid links.
Provide a necessary flexibility for working round the driving and driven wheel.
The motion or power is transmitted to the chain through sprocket, which
receive its motion from one individual sprocket. Speed of the motion transfer
is depend upon our producing of man power.
Adjustment the length of stroke
The length of stroke in a crank shape can be adjusted. The sliding block
that is square bore is used. On this square bearing is attached by welding. In
this bearing 10mm diameter shaft is mounted. Another side of shaft there is
another bearing is attached. Bearing is welded to rectangular plate at one
Adjusting the position of stroke
In piston cylinder mechanism piston cylinder is fixed to the structure.
The square bar is connect to the piston rod. In this square bar at last
position there is horizontal 10mm hole. In this hole we mount the 10mm diameter
shaft. This shaft is mount in bearing which has 10mm internal diameter and 26mm
outer diameter. This bearing is weld on rectangular plate which has mentioned
When a machine is in operation the all motion is transferred depend upon
bearing. In order to set the position of stroke there is design of one side
crank lever is most important.
Energy conservation approach / Technique
Conservation of energy is using energy more efficiently by substituting
time. Convenience labor and capital for effective optimization of cost energy
today has become an indispensable component of industries.
Natural gas and oil are dominant in energy use and their shortage have
caused economic chaos in the past and the recent past and the recent and
present gulf crisis have paralyzed economic energy available for future focuses
a lot of attention on use of energy efficient equipment adaptation of energy
conservation emphasis on maximum conservation of efficiency and maximum cost
effectiveness in energy uses.
“Natural gas has great potential as a motor fuel. It is not only
considerably cheaper than petrol and diesel, but is also very favorable for the
environment,” said Dr. Bernhard Reuters berg, member of the E.ON Ruhr gas
AG Board of Management and Chairman of the E.ON Gas Mobil Supervisory Board.
“By establishing E.ON Gas Mobil we are sending a clear signal for the
further development of this market. At the same time we continue to cooperate
with German car makers offering attractive models.”
The environmental advantages of natural gas as a motor fuel are to be enhanced
further by the use of biogas. The latter is obtained and processed from
renewable resources. In a voluntary commitment, the gas industry has pledged to
add up to 10 % of biogas to the natural gas volumes provided for the motor fuel
market up to 2010. It is thus making a significant contribution towards the
reduction of CO2 emissions caused by road traffic. Biogas is suitable as a
motor fuel for NGVs without any restrictions. In 2020, enough biogas could be
available to fuel over four million NGVs in Germany
In manual operated biogas filling station project based on shaper mechanism.
It consist of a pedal operation. There is 3 sprocket are used in this
structure. Chain is useful to transfer the motion. There is an standard size
bearing and shaft are used in this project.
The designing and manufacturing of viable economic machinery is the
necessity of the hour in rural economy. The machine such that its operation
should be simple. Its running and maintenance expanses should be very low. It
should work with minimum economic input and its depreciation cost is low.
The machine works on well-known economic and business principle that is
minimization of cost and maximization of return.

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