Involute Gear Profile Error Detector Mechanical project

Design and Fabrication of Involute Gear Profile Error Detector


The primary aims of the project it to check the involute profile error by applying the basic principle of involute generation. Our effort doesn’t end with checking the profile error. Behind this we have a great motive in fabricating are involved checker at a cheaper cost that call be easily affordable by a common manufacturer. Involute gear profile error detector Project is mini project mainly for diploma mechanical students.


Before starting, project planning is a very essential factor and it should be taken up with great care. As the efficiency of the whole project, largely depends upon its planning. While planning a project each and every detail should be worked out in anticipation and all the relative provisions should be carefully considered in advance.

We have to think of a project whose outcome can be utilised effectively.


The capacity of a project must be decided, considering the amount of money invested and availability of the material and the machine.


The most common devices like gears and other circular components in the world of Engineering, offering an elegant solution to the problem of effective power transmission and any other revolutionary projects.
Modern gear drives designs cost provides quick reliable services and high power intensities, which can be achieved only by raising the gears. Involute profile error in a gear and other circular components results in eccentricity which produces great voice and transmission error while meshing of gears and gear failure etc. Most of the machine designers do not have time and enough money to keep up with all the developments in the field of industry, manufacturing the circular components and gear shaped components for respecting. This made hardness for them to quickly design and deliver the precise components which will be competitive with the best that are being used in their field. The components are inspected by special inspection machines that are very costly that the small scale industries cannot afford to buy it. So we made a brave step in manufacturing such an involute profile inspection machine at a very low-cost that is early affordable and economical.

design and fabrication of involute gear profile error detector
design and fabrication of involute gear profile error detector


Steps to be followed for the operation of the instrument:
1. The components to be tested is taken and mounted on the Base circle and clamped to its top with the help of the cover bush.
2. Then the shaft is screwed to hold the Base circle disc in position and then the strip is tightened such that there is no shake in the base circle disc.
3. New the stylus is made to touch the profile of the component.
4. The dial indicator is made to touch on the float because when the stylus reads an error in profile may lead to a deflection in the micro dial. Say, when there is an error in machining due to error, there will be deflection during rotation. This shows the deflection in the dial.
5. Now the stylus is made to touch the profile it is pushed back when the pushing operation occurs the floats starts working.
6. This movement causes the deflection in dial.
7. The dial is held in position such that every single movement of the float should be viewed though the dial.
8. The deflection in the dial shows the amount of error is the profile.
9. Thus the error is any kind of circular components or the gears and the gear depth can also be found out using this “Involute gear Profile errors”.


The involute gear profile error has all abundant and outstanding advantage of this equipment in any circular like components can be tested with minimum knowledge about the operation of equipment is very limited time.
• Low manufacturing cost of the equipment.
• Easy to handle.
• Less weight.
• Compact in size.
• Cost of checking the error is less.
• Specified to all kinds of gear.
• All kinds of circular components can the tested.
• Even a lay man can work in it.


• Can be applied in gear manufacturing unit.
• Used in automobile industry
• Total error checking is done
• Used in both small scale industries as well as the large scale industries
• Its outcome can be utilised properly to a great executed in mechanical field as well as the automobile field.


  • This machine applicable for only specific to spur gear
  • This machine doesn’t up to industry level.

Sachin Thorat

Sachin is a B-TECH graduate in Mechanical Engineering from a reputed Engineering college. Currently, he is working in the sheet metal industry as a designer. Additionally, he has interested in Product Design, Animation, and Project design. He also likes to write articles related to the mechanical engineering field and tries to motivate other mechanical engineering students by his innovative project ideas, design, models and videos.

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