Introduction To Pneumatic System And Components Used in Pneumatic system

Pneumatic technology deals with the study of behavior and applications of compressed air in our daily life in general and manufacturing automation in particular. Pneumatic systems use air as the medium which is abundantly available and can be exhausted into the atmosphere after completion of the assigned task.

Basic Components of Pneumatic System:

Important components of a pneumatic system are shown in fig.
Fig: Pneumatic system
Fig: Pneumatic system
  1. Air filters:These are used to filter out the contaminants from the air.
  2. Compressor: Compressed air is generated by using air compressors. Air compressors are either diesel or electrically operated. Based on the requirement of compressed air, suitable capacity compressors may be used.
  3. Air cooler:During compression operation, air temperature increases. Therefore coolers are used to reduce the temperature of the compressed air.
  4. Dryer: The water vapor or moisture in the air is separated from the air by using a dryer.
  5. Control Valves:Control valves are used to regulate, control and monitor for control of direction flow, pressure etc.
  6. Air Actuator:Air cylinders and motors are used to obtain the required movements of mechanical elements of pneumatic system.
  7. Electric Motor:Transforms electrical energy into mechanical energy. It is used to drive the compressor.
  8. Receiver tank :The compressed air coming from the compressor is stored in the air receiver.
Note: In advance system FRL unit is used -F means filter, R means Regulator, L means Lubricator. in above figure this unit is shown  separately but function of this sub parts remain same. 

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