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Definition Of Lathe Machine:
Lathe is a machine, which removes the metal from a piece of work to the required shape and size.

Common types of lathes:

Engine Lathe:
The most common form of lathe, motor driven and comes in large variety of sizes and shapes.

Bench Lathe:
A bench top model usually of low power used to make precision machine small work pieces
Tracer Lathe:
A lathe that has the ability to follow a template to copy a shape or contour.

Automatic Lathe:
The lathe in which the work piece is automatically fed and removed without use of an operator. Cutting operations are automatically controlled by a sequencer of some form.

Turret Lathe:
The lathes which have multiple tools mounted on turrent either attached to the tailstock or the cross-slide, which allows for quick changes in tooling and cutting operations.

Computer Controlled Lathe:
Highly automated lathes, where cutting, loading, tool changing, and part unloading are automatically controlled by computer coding.

The figure (1) shows Photographic view of Engine Lathe

lathe machine parts
lathe machine parts

Head stockCentre lathe – constructional features

  • Tail stock
  • Bed
  • Carriage
  • Feed rod
  • Lead screw
  • Feed change gear box

Lathe Components

  1. Bed: supports all major components
  2. Carriage: slides along the ways and consists of the cross-slide, tool post, apron
  3. Headstock – Holds the jaws for the work piece, supplies power to the jaws and has various drive ,Speeds
  4. Tailstock – supports the other end of the work piece
  5. Feed Rod and Lead Screw – Feed rod is powered by a set of gears from the headstock
lathe parts types
lathe parts types

Lathe specifications

  • Distance between centers
  • Swing over the bed
  • Swing over the cross slide
  • Horse power of the motor
  • Number of speeds
  • Feed Given
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