Difference between Capstan Lathe and Turret Lathe

Difference between Capstan Lathe and Turret Lathe

Capstan lathe is one of the types of semi-automatic lathe. In semi-automatic lathes machining operations are done automatically. Functions other than machining like loading and unloading of job, positioning of tools coolant operations are done manually.



Turret Lathe Parts Diagram
Turret Lathe Parts Diagram

Difference between Capstan Lathe and Turret Lathe  

Capstan lathe is limited to the manufacture of work from bar fed during the empty spindle held in a collect and the standard machine contain a condition for fixing a jaw chuck to the spindle nose thus that bars, castings and forging might be held
Spindle nose of this machine is threaded outwardly for screwing faceplate force plate, lathe chuck or any other work holding device proper to the job stock.
Inside hole is tapered to get the lathe centre and proper collect for bar
Tailstock does not give for centre support of bar stock and rising of shank tools. Tail stock hold up is not required as short piece bar stock is use for
work production.
Tailstock is moreover give for centre hold up of the bar stock and rising of shank tools. Tailstock be able to bolted at the great right hand of the bed or
among carriage with turret slide.
Capstan head move about on the capstan slide in the move familiar by the stop while the whole unit left over bolted on the right hand off the bed ways.
Turret head rise on the ramslide move longitudinally in the move familiar by the stop screws. Whole nit be able to slide on the bed ways and after that locked at the necessary location.
Lead-screw does not give and thread is produced by using the threading head mounted on capstan head
Lead screw gives for cutting particular and multi-start threads on a preferred length of work by single point tool of thread cutting.
5. The carriage is given with front tool post with rear post moreover.
The carriage is given by the turret tool-post and rear tool post used for holding tools.
6. It is used for mass production of small size equal part.
Its use intended for the mass production of large size equal parts.
7. Feed rod given for longitudinal feed.
Feed rod is not given for longitudinal feed.

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