Introduction To Lathe:

The lathe is one of the most important machines in any workshop.Its main objective is to remove material from outside by rotating the work against a cutting tool. Though a lathe is used to produce cylindrical work, yet it may also be used for many other purposes such as drilling, threading, grinding, milling, turning, boring, reaming, knurling, etc. In addition to it, with help special attachments, operations like key-way cutting, cam & gear cutting, shaping, fluting can be carried out.
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How Lathe Machines are Specified ?

How lathe is specified? Or what is the size of the lathe?
The size of a lathe is expressed or specified by the following items and illustrated in 
Lathe Specification Factors
Lathe Specification Factors

1. The height of the centres measured from the lathe bed. (r )

2. The swing diameter over bed. This is the largest diameter of work that will revolve without touching the bed and is twice the height of the centre measured from the bed of the lathe. (d)

3. The length between centres. This is the maximum length of work that can be mounted between the lathe centres. (C)

4. The swing diameter over carriage. This is the largest diameter of work that will revolve over the lathe saddle, and is always less than the swing diameter over bed.

5. The maximum bar diameter. This is the maximum diameter of bar stock that will pass through hole of the headstock spindle.

6. The length of bed. This indicates the approximate floor space occupied by the lathe. (b) 
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