Flash Butt Welding | Advantages , Disadvantages , Application

Flash Butt Welding | Advantages , Disadvantages , Application

This is similar to butt welding except that the parts to be welded are joined together under light pressure and a heavy current passed through the joint. Due to poor contact at the joint arcing takes place. When sufficient heat has been produced the two parts are suddenly pressed together and the current is simultaneously stopped. A thin film is produced around the joint which is subsequently removed to give a weld of this type. It is used for welding chains, rail ends, shaft axles etc.

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flash butt welding
flash butt welding

Note: Resistance welding can be applied to iron and steel, brass, copper, aluminium and certain other metals with eminently satisfactory results.

Advantages of Flash Butt Welding:

(i) It is a faster process.

(ii) Preparation of weld surface is not required.

(iii) Power requirement is less.

(iv) Many dissimilar metals with different melting temperatures can be flash welded.

(v) The process is cheap.

(vi) It offers strength factor upto 100%.

Disadvantages of Flash Butt Welding:

(i) More chances of fire hazards.

(ii) Metal is lost during flashing and upsetting.

(iii) Concentricity and straightness of the work pieces during welding process is often difficult to maintain.

Applications of Flash Butt Welding:

(i) It is used for welding metal sheets, bars, rods fittings etc.

(ii) Flash welding finds applications in automotive and air craft products.

(iii) It is also employed in household appliances, refrigerators and farm implements.

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