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What is Projection Welding:

It is infact a modified form of the spot welding. One of the pieces to be welded this way has projections produced by pressure. The electrodes are flat. The electrodes are placed on work piece and current passed between them. Heat is produced at the contacts and work piece gets welded at these points.

It is easy to weld certain parts which cannot be welded by spot welding. When two plates to be welded are of different cross-section then in order to obtain desirable strength it is necessary to have the projections on the thicker plate.

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projection welding
projection welding

Advantages of Projection Welding:

(i) More than one spot can be weld at a given time.

(ii) Proper heat balance can be obtained easily.

(iii) The welds may be placed closer than spot welding.

(iv) Electrode life is much longer than the life of electrode in spot welding.

(v) Appearance and uniformity of the weld is better than spot welding.

(vi) With the projection welding, it is easy to weld certain parts which cannot be welded by spot welding.

Disadvantages of Projection Welding:

1. Metals, which cannot support projection, cannot be welded satisfactory.

2. To make projection is an extra operation.

3. The initial cost of the equipment required for projection welding is high as press type machines are required for this type of welding.

Applications of Projection Welding:

(i) It is usually employed on punched where the projection automatically exists.

(ii) Small fasteners, nuts etc. can be welded to larger components.

(iii) Projection welding is used for welding of refrigerator condensers, crossed-wire welding grills etc.

(iv) Welding of stainless steel parts.

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