Design and Fabrication Of Safety lift Mechanism

Design and Fabrication Of Safety lift Mechanism – Mechanical Project

This project we have to implemented for lifting in heavy weight condition no balancing and cut the rope, which is condition for heavy weight load suddenly felt down and make a bigger accident and heavy material loss so, this is condition are neglected in this is project making and implemented.
It is containing for ratchet and pinion gear attachment usage it is when it leaves the weight on any position it is automatic lock condition.
It is containing material are ratchet and pinion, lifting rope, hook, rotating pulley and support shaft.

Most of all engineer’s design to the safety lifting system for heavy lifting industries, the lifting condition whereas check it condition of rope, hook, grain structure and operated health condition, why is check it this condition means when your lifting the heavy material don’t break the rope and hook. This is process neglect the system, we have to fabricated this model, which contain the ratchet and pinion mechanism you are lifting condition when the time break it that a place automatically lock it our total system.
This system used for any heavy weight lifting industries and heavy weight grain machine also. This is new modification in engineering field it simply structure and using any industries.


This is system totally operated the hand lever mechanism, going to future model it is operated servo motor and any other motor system, which is used for safety lock system having ratchet and pinion gear mechanism and it is connect the rope by on pulley guide, this hole component connects the hand lever shaft, when you need the weight lifting system simply drive the hand lever and also drive pulley.

safety lift mechanism
safety lift mechanism

The pulley connects the pinion and also connect the weight it is going up step by step by in rack gear based.
Any one of the condition you have an unbalancing and leave the hand lever condition that system totally stop and lock on ratchet and pinion system.


  • Easiest method of any heavy weight lifting.
  • Most applicable for safety system in heavy load lifting condition.
  • It is used for small and large scale industries.
  • Cost is low on fabricate system.

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