Design and Fabrication of Paper Shredder Machine

Design and Fabrication of Paper Shredder Machine  | Mechanical Project 


In this paper, we will discuss about detailed study, design procedure and results of a paper shredder machine. A detailed study of various parts of shredder machine like stand (frame), transmission system and cutting system are made and designed separately. Study of paper shredder machine included the machine elements which convert manual existing system to automatic system. Paper shredder machine is a mechanical device which is used to cut the paper into chad, typically either strips or fine particles. We are making this project model for recycling of paper wastage(important documents, personal information like social security number, account number, credit card application and other personal information) in domestic area, industrial area etc. in this areas the paper waste is present in large quantity. But the available machines used to recycle this waste are costly. So our intension behind this project is to process the paper waste as cheap as possible by shredding. Benefits of this machine are the reduction of labor work which results in cost reduction and also reduction in time for shredding operation of paper. So we are going to design this for shred the paper waste, with the help of blades.


A paper shredder is a mechanical device used to cut paper into small strips. Government organizations, businesses and private individuals are used to destroy private, confidential, or otherwise sensitive documents into strips or fine particles. Paper shredder machine is utilized to shred the important documents which are misused by some unauthorized person. There are lots of people who spend their day through rummaging garbage to find personal information like social security number, account number, credit card application and other personal information about company to overcome these issues, paper shredders are used. The Paper Shredder is equipped by using all necessary items and method such as aluminium sheet metal, rivet, and skills in manufacturing machine to cut and bend the parts and etc. The process of development is started from designing the shape of the paper shredder by considering the function as well. In order to produce user friendly product that is suitable to the consumer, consideration to the ergonomic factor is taken into account. It involves the measurement process before the materials are cut into pieces before assemble together by using cutting and bending processes. The paper shredder is needed to test to check whether its mechanism is properly work or not work.

This project title is “Design and Fabrication of Paper Shredder”. The project includes small analysis of the paper shredder and fabrication of the paper shredder itself with concerns regarding strength, portability, durability, ergonomic factor and convenience. Test need to be done to verify the strength of the paper shredder cutter before the fabrication process started. It is require more knowledge and skill of analysis. Skill how solve the problem is the most important and need to be improve when this project launched, as in . Shredders range in size and price from small and inexpensive units designed for a certain amount of pages, to large units used by commercial shredding services that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and can shred millions of documents per hour. While the very smallest shredders may be hand-cranked, most shredders are electrically powered. Shredders over time have added features to improve the shredder user’s experience. Now many reject paper that is fed over capacity to prevent jams; others have safety features to reduce risks. Some shredders designed for use in shared workspaces or department copy rooms have noise reduction.

Design and Fabrication of shredder Machine
Design and Fabrication of shredder Machine


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Software used for designing is Creo 3.0.Paper shredder machine from design point of view consists of three main parts: machine
construction, cutting system, transmission system.
Machine construction: Machine construction consists of stand, bearing support plates, nuts and bolts etc.

Cutting blade

Cutting system consists of the shafts, cutting blades, washers and gears. The cutting blade is round-shaped blade with 3 (three)
cutting edges, given circle-shaped hole in the middle with keyway, mounted on the main shaft and main shaft move together ,as in .In drawing of cutting blades in Creo 3.0 software, cutting blades are equally divided into certain degree of angle and each cutting edge of cutting blade is joined by arc to second cutting edge up to particular length of cutting edge. We design the cutting system in such a way that angle between keyway of each cutter blade is 40 degree. And cutting blades are placed in such a manner that after first blade apart 40 degree from second blade. This concept used in paper shredder machine. Because of that, power which was requiring to rotate the shaft was large. Now that power to rotate the shaft is lesser than previous. Material used for cutting blade is EN31 steel.


Electric motor is electrical device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. In certain applications, such as in the
transportation industry with traction motors, electric motors can operate in both motoring and generating or braking modes to also
produce electrical energy from mechanical energy.
Motor Specification:
1) Type-3 Phase Induction motor
2) Input power – 550 watt/1 HP
3) Input speed – 1405 rpm
4) Input torque – 3.738 Nm

Reference Download Calculation : in a new tab.

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