Automatic Paint Spraying Pick And Place Equipment


There are many fields in which artificial intelligence (AI) may be related to electrical, mechanical linguistics, psychology and philosophy. In our project, micro-controller is used, which is written with a program based on fuzzy logic algorithm, which turns nozzle head to that direction.
Two-pneumatic cylinder and solenoid valve are provided. One cylinder is for the up and down movement and another one for the rotary motion. Fuzzy logic algorithm here used is to spray the painting in the particular direction.


AI as we know it today is a relative field. Even though some ground work had been laid earlier. AI began during the years of 1940’s and 1950’s.

What AI is?

AI is a branch of computer science concerned with the study and creation of computer system that exhibit some form of intelligence. The system that learn new concepts and tasks, system that reason and draw useful conclusion about the world around us. The system that can understand a natural language or perceive and comprehend a visual scene and system that performs other types of feast that require human type of intelligence.
Fuzzy logic algorithm is used for performing AI functions. FUZZY is a term that is related to the word vague or not clear forming logical or meaningful functions based on the unclear term is the concept.
We use this concept for project ‘SPRAY PAINTING SYSTEM’, with electronic control unit.
Fig. Automatic Paint Spraying Pick And Place Equipment
Fig. Automatic Paint Spraying Pick And Place Equipment


• Low cost intelligent robot
• Portable in size and Easy transportable
• Since the project is based on the Micro controller, it is compact and swift and response.
• No external devices are used here to control it.
• The medium is air, the operation of the arm movement is fast.


• Nozzle adjustment is done by manually
• This system operated in pneumatics, so we need air tank or compressor


  1. Industrial Application
  2. Medium scale painting industries


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