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Auto-cad exercise BOOK : 

This PDF contains 500 + detailed drawings of miscellaneous parts, to be used for practice with AutoCAD(or any 3D CAD package for that matter). Some of the parts are a bit more challenging than others, but none of them are meant to be difficult. However, some are intended for specific modeling tools, and hints have been provided in those cases.
In the event that you find a missing dimension or two, please accept my apologies in advance, but don’t let it stop you from modeling the part. Instead, you can consider this an opportunity to exercise “designer’s choice” and provide a dimension according to your liking, as there are no right or wrong answers for these practice files.
As you work your way through these, keep in mind the best practice of creating simple sketches, to build well constructed features, which add up to a more complex part.

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cad exercise
cad exercise

CAD EXERCISES FINAL BOOK-2.pdf Contain Following Drawings:

  • 2D Drawing
  • 3D Drawing
  • part modelling ,Part design
  • Surfacing
  • assemblies – tailstock ,radial engine , bush type flexible coupling ,oldham coupling , universal coupling , Flange Coupling , swivel bearing , Foot Step bearing , socket and spigot joint , Sleeve and cotter joint , knuckle joint , claw coupling , gib and cotter joint , bench vice , machine vice , pipe vice , drill jog , milling fixture , lathe toolpost , tool head of shaping machine, tailstock, stop valve, axle bearing

File Size: 10 mb

pages :300

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