What is Fitting Shop | Fitting Tools used in Fitting Shop

Introduction to Fitting Shop :
Fitting is the assembling together of parts and removing metals to secure the necessary fit is called fitting. An operator who does the fitting job is called fitter. Fitting involves certain amount of bench work using hand tools or power operated tools. The various operations involved in fitting are filing, marking, sawing, chipping, drilling, reaming, tapping, etc.

Fitting Tools:
1. Bench Vice
2. Flat file
3. Triangular file
4. Try square
5. Surface plate
6. Vernier Height gauge

fitting tools
fitting tools

1. Bench Vice
A vise or vice is a mechanical screw apparatus used for holding or clamping a work piece to allow work to be performed on it with tools such as saws, planes, drills, mills, screwdrivers, sandpaper, etc. Vises usually have one fixed jaw and another, parallel, jaw which is moved towards or away from the fixed jaw by the screw.

2. Flat File:
It is highly useful when fast cutting is required.

3. Triangular File:
It is used for rectangular cuts and filing corner less than 90 degree.

4. Try Square:
It is used to check the flatness and squareness of the work piece.

5. Surface Plate:
It is used for testing the flatness of the job and also used for carrying the work piece while marking.

6. Vernier Height:
It is used for taking accurate measurement of height of a job or for marking.

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