What are some Example Of Mechatronics System

Example Of Mechatronics System

Examples of mechatronics systems are as follows.

  • Numerical control (NC) and Computer numerical control (CNC) machine tools, variable speed drives, flexible manufacturing systems (FMS) and automated manufacturing systems (AMS), automated guided vehicles, rapid prototyping and robots.

CNC machine is the best and basic example of application of Mechatronics in manufacturing automation. Efficient operation of conventional machine tools such as Lathes, milling machines, drilling machine is dependent on operator skill and training. Also a lot of time is consumed in workpart setting, tool setting and controlling the process parameters viz. feed, speed, depth of cut. Thus conventional machining is slow and expensive to meet the challenges of frequently changing product/part shape and size.

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FMS combines microelectronics and mechanical engineering to bring the economies of the scale to batch work. A central online computer controls the machine tools, other work stations, and the transfer of components and tooling. The computer also provides monitoring and information control. This combination of flexibility and overall control makes possible the production of a wide range of products in small numbers.

Industrial robots are general-purpose, re-programmable machines which respond to the sensory signals received from the system environment. Based on these signals, robots carry out programmed work or activity. They also take simple independent decisions and communicate/interact with the other machines and the central computer. Robots are widely employed in the following applications in manufacturing.

mechatronics example
mechatronics example

Automatic quality control and inspection systems

Supply of a good quality product or a system to the market is the basic aim of the manufacturing industry. The product should satisfy the needs of the customers and it must be reliable. To achieve this important product-parameter during a short lead time is really a challenge to the manufacturing industry. This can be achieved by building up the ‘quality’ right from the product design stage; and maintaining the standards during the ‘production stages’ till the product-delivery to the market.

  • Computers disk drives
  • Photocopiers, laser printers and fax machines
  • VCR/DVD drives
  • Automatic washing machines, dish washer, rice cooker, automatic ovens and modem sewing machines
  • Automatic teller machine (ATM)
  • Coin counter
  • Automatic/digital camera and digital watch
  • Aircraft flight control systems such as cockpit control, landing gear control etc.
  • Automobile applications include electronic engine management system, collision detection, global positioning system, antilock brake system, keyless entry system, cruise control, parking assistance system and others.
  • Medical diagnostic instruments such as CT scan system, automatic blood testing equipment, etc.
  • Automatic sliding door, vending machines and garage door openers
  • Aerospace applications include launching, satellite solar plate extending mechanisms, and many more

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