Advantages and Disadvantages of Mechatronics System

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mechatronics System

W.Bolton defines, “A mechatronic system is not just a marriage of electrical and mechanical systems and it is more than just a control system; it is a complete integration of all of them.” From these two definitions more appropriate definition can be derived as “Mechatronics is synergistic integration of mechanical engineering, electronics and intelligent computer control in design and manufacture of products
and processes.”

Even though many people believe that the presence of mechanical, electrical, electronic components and computers makes a system mechatronics. Others do not feel the same as there is nothing wrong with the individual identity. Hence, the term mechatronics should be used to represent a different meaning namely, “a design philosophy,” where mechanical, electrical, electronic components and IT should be
considered together in the design stage itself to obtain a compact, efficient and economic product rather than designing the components separately.
The concept of Mechatronics is very important today to meet the customer’s ever increasing demands and still remain competitive in the global market. A mechatronic engineer must be able to design and select mechanical devices, sensors and actuators, analog and digital circuits, microprocessor-based components and control devices such as logic gates to design modem systems.

mechatronics system 1
mechatronics system

Advantages of Mechatronics system

  1. It is cost effective and it can produce high quality products.
  2. Production of parts and products of international standards gives better reputation and return.
  3. It serves effectively for high dimensional accuracy requirements.
  4. It provides high degree of flexibility to modify or redesign the systems.
  5. It provides excellent performance characteristics.
  6. It Results in automation in production, assembly and quality control.
  7. Mechatronic systems provide the increased productivity in manufacturing organization.
  8. Reconfiguration feature by pre supplied programs facilitate the low volume production.
  9. It provides higher level of flexibility required for small product cycles.
  10. It provides the possibility of remote controlling as well as centralized monitoring and control. .
  11. It has greater extend of machine utilization.
  12. Higher life is expected by proper maintenance and timely diagnosis of the fault.

Disadvantages Of Mechatronics System 

  • The initial cost is high.
  • Maintenance and repair may workout costly.
  • Multi-disciplinary engineering background is required to design and implementation.
  • It needs highly trained workers to operate.
  • Techno-economic estimation has to be done carefully in the selection of mechatronic system.
  • It has complexity in identification and correction of problems in the systems.

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