Procedure of Helical Gear Cutting On Milling machine

Procedure of Helical Gear Cutting On Milling machine

Helical Gears

Unlike Spur gears, Helical gears and Helical Gearbox both have the capacity to conduct a smooth operation. The teeth on a helical gear cut at an angle to the face of the gear. So, during the process when two of the teeth start to engage, the contact is gradual- starting at one end of the tooth and maintaining contact as the gear rotates into full engagement. When it comes to transmissions, helical is the most commonly used gears and it even generates large amounts of thrust.

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Gear Cutting Methods :

19 Methods Of Manufacturing Of all types of Gears

Helical gear cutting on Milling Machine 

To make a helical gear from a CI blank using milling machine

Cast iron blank of Ф50 mm


1. Turning tool
2. Milling cutter ( 2 mm module )
3. Vernier caliper ( 0- 150 mm)
4. Drilling tool Ф 10 mm ,Ф20 mm
5. Mandrel Ф 20 mm
6. Spanner
7. Gear tooth Vernier

Outer diameter = (N+2) M,
Module =OD/ (N+2),
No .of teeth = (OD/M) -2
N- Number of teeth
OD= outer diameter

1. Turn the given CI bank to required diameter in centre lathe.
2. Drill a hole in the blank of diameter equal to mandrel size.
3. Fix the blank between two centers of the dividing head using mandrel.
4. Set the milling cutter on the machine spindle and select the suitable speed.
5. Raise the table (knee) vertically up until blank touches the cutter.
6. Calculate depth of cut and indexing calculation from module & number of teeth.
7. Give the depth of cut by raising the knee up.
8. According to index calculation set the dividing head.
9. Switch on the spindle and feed the blank against the rotating cutter by reciprocating the table
10. Move the index arm on the index plate according to the calculated number of holes.
11. Feed the blank against the rotating cutter to cut the next tooth.
12. Repeat the same for remaining teeth

helical gear calculation
helical gear calculation


No of teeth(z) = 30

Module(m) = 2 mm

External dia. of blank = (z+2)*m
= (30+2)*2=64

Depth of cut =2.25*m
= 2.25*2
= 4.5 mm

The indexing crank rotation = one complete rotation and move arm holes in 33 concentric circle.

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