Procedure Of Spur Gear Cutting on Milling machine

Procedure Of Spur Gear Cutting on Milling machine – How to Manufacture Spur Gear 

Gears are most important power transmission device used in mechanical assemblies. Gears are varies with respect to  types , size , module, numbers of teeth on gears. Further gears may vary depending on pressure ration and pitch circle diameter. There are some manufacturing methods are available for producing the gears.
Gear manufacturing can be divided into two categories namely forming and machining as shown in flow chart in Fig . Forming consists of direct casting, molding, drawing, or extrusion of tooth forms in molten, powdered, or heat softened materials and machining involves roughing and finishing operations.
Methods Of Manufacturing Of all types of Gears

19 Methods Of Manufacturing Of all types of Gears

To machine gear to the given module and number of teeth in the given work piece.

1. Milling machine
2. Vernier caliper
3. Mandrel.

spur gear cutting


1. Calculate the gear tooth proportions.
Blank diameter = (Z + 2) m
Tooth depth = 2.25 m
Tooth width = 1.5708 m
Z = Number of teeth required
m = module
Indexing calculation
Index crank movement = 40 / Z

2. The dividing head and the tail stock are bolted on the machine table. Their axis must be set parallel to the machine table.
3. The gear blank is held between the dividing head and tail stock using a mandrel. The mandrel is connected with the spindle of dividing head by a carrier and catch plate.
4. The cutter is mounted on the arbor. The cutter is centered accurately with the gear blank.
5. Set the speed and feed for machining.
6. For giving depth of cut, the table is raised till the periphery of the gear blank just touches the cutter.
7. The micrometer dial of vertical feed screw is set to zero in this position.
8. Then the table is raised further to give the required depth of cut.
9. The machine is started and feed is given to the table to cut the first groove of the blank.
10. After the cut, the table is brought back to the starting position.
11. Then the gear blank is indexed for the next tooth space.
12. This is continued till all the gear teeth are cut.


Z = No.of teeth = 23
m = module = 2 mm

Blank Diameter = (Z + 2) *m
= (23 + 2) *2
= 50 mm

Tooth Depth = 2.25 m
= 2.25 *2
= 4.5 mm

Indexing Calculation
= 40 / Z
= 40 / 23
= 1.739


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