Nomenclature Of Car Body – Car Body Parts | Car Body Parts Design 

Some Terminology Pertaining to Body:

Cab: It is the driver’s cabin, which may be a closed region separated from the rest of the body (as in truck) or may be an open region being a part of the body (as in car).
Fascia. It is the frontage of the vehicle visible to the driver. It includes the dash board (instrument board), tape recorder housing, globe box etc.

Nomenclature Of Car Body - Car Body Parts | Car Body Parts Design 
Nomenclature Of Car Body – Car Body Parts | Car Body Parts Design
Dash board. It houses various indicators such as fuel level indicator, engine temperature indicator, speedometer, voltmeter, ammeter, odometer, air-conditioner’s control panel, ignition
switch, light switches, side indicator switch, various controls switches, automatic operation switches, etc.
Legroom. It is the space provided for the movement of legs of the driver and passengers. Sufficient legroom is essential for a comfortable driving, riding and traveling.
Headroom. It is the vertical distance inside the body between the floor to ceiling. This dimension is based on the stability consideration of the vehicle, as position of CG from the ground level depends on this height
Shoulder Room. It is the clear horizontal distance available inside the body.
Boot Space. This is the storing space available below the rear hood.
Body Work Requirements:
The body work has to be structurally strong, easily accessible and of good finish.
Some of the important considerations for a good body work include the following :
1. Attractive body styling.
2. Upholstery work should be well trimmed and comfortable.
3. Body structure should be rust preventing.
4. Paint work and other finishing should be appealing.
5. Body should be structurally strong and light. Therefore, construction material should be of light weight, strong and cheap.
6. Doors and windows should be conveniently located, and easier to operate.
7. Controls should be located at convenient positions and should be easily approachable.
8. Arrangement of hand controls and foot pedals should be fool proof and untiring.
9. Provision of sufficient space for accommodating accessories, instruments and controls.
10. Driver’s and passengers seats should be comfortable and adjustable, and should be conveniently located.
11. Interior cabin should be dust proof and sound proof.
12. Body should be equipped with sufficient safety provisions.
Main Parts of the Automobile body:
Constructional Details Of a passenger Car Body
Constructional Details Of a passenger Car Body 
The body work includes the following main parts.
1. Body safety,
2. Bonnet,
3. Side pillars,
4. Rear hood,
5. Front side panel,
6. Rear side panel,
7. Door pillars,
8. Windshield pillar,
9. Rear quarter pillar,
10. Body sill,
11. Roof,
12. Door Panels,
13. Front bumper,
14. Rear bumper
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