Introduction to Automobile Braking System- Types Of Brakes

Function Of Automobile Braking System

Braking System

Brakes are employed to stop or slow down the speed of vehicle When brake applied to wheel braking force is created that force oppose the speed of wheel of rotation of force.

 Principle of Braking system:

While operating the braking system the KINETIC ENERGY of moving vehicle is converted in to HEAT ENERGY.

Working And Construction Of Brake
Working And Construction Of Brake
Working And Construction Of Brake

Functions of Brakes: 
Brakes have the following functions.
1.It is used to stop the vehicle.
2.It is used to control the speed where and when required.
3.It is used to control the vehicle while descending along the slope.
4.To park the vehicle and held it in stationary position without the presence of Driver.
Braking requirement:
1.It should work efficiently irrespective of road condition and quality.
2.The retardation must be uniform throughout its application.
3.The pedal effort must be within the convenient capacity of the driver.
4.It must be reliable and should not be effected by heat water and dust.
5.It should be in minimum weight.
6.It should have long life.
7.It should be easy to maintain and adjust.
8.Noise and vibrations are to be minimum.
9.There should be provision for secondary brake or parking brake.

Types of brakes:

Breaks are divided into seven types as per there uses, functionality, locations etc.
1) On the basis of purpose saved.
a) Main brake.
b) Parking brake.
2) On the basis of location.
a) Wheel mounted
b) Transmission mounted.
3) On the basis of drivers ergonomics.
a) Foot brake.
b) Hand brake.
4) On the basis of actuating.
a) Mechanical brake.
b) Hydraulic brake.
c) Air brake.
d) Electric brake.
5) On the basis of construction.
a) Drum brake.
b) Disc brake.
6) On the basis of application of brake efforts.
a) Manual brake
b) Power brake.
c) Power assisted.
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