How to Prepare For GATE 2019 Within 1 Month Short Time.

How to Prepare For GATE 2019 Within 1 Month Short Time.

Gate 2019 Examination is held on first week of February. Some of Gate aspirants may have already started Gate study but some students may start gate study in this or last month. Syllabus is too vast ,may be some of you is under depression or in confusion. Lets make some discussion on HOW TO PREPARE GATE EXAMINATION IN SHORT PERIOD  to get Good Rank. Now, here Time management and smart study is important . Lets See:

1) Take Brief Overlook Of Gate Examination :
Few days back I written about 25 tips trick for preparation Gate examinationOpens in a new tab. . You Should well aware about syllabus and question pattern and how marks are divided for each section e.g. aptitude there are 10 marks allocated. This will help you to set study sequence.

2) Starts with your Favorite Core Subject  

If you just starting your studies I would suggest first start with your favorite subject which has more weightage or the subject which most important for gate examination , start with it.  Most Important subjects for mechanical students are the Thermal engineeringOpens in a new tab. , Fluid mechanics Opens in a new tab.,Machine DesignOpens in a new tab. and Manufacturing Processes.Opens in a new tab.

3) Refer previous year gate question paper for particular subject:

Before starting study you should know which points are important and which chapter is most important for gate . This will frame you by analyzing previous year questions papers. Opens in a new tab.
Here I mentioned some important gate topics –Important Gate Topics For Mechanical EngineeringOpens in a new tab.

4)  More Concentrate on Formulas and Unit Conversion:

This is most important point. You should prepare more for numerical , formulas and related units . If you skip numerical for option  or casual then you won’t get good score.  You should Prepare for Mathematics, Thermal Examples , Truss Examples, Torsion , Bending Moments , principle stresses, Eigen value problems ,fluid mechanics problems , Machine Design Problems.

5) Prepare Your Formula Book while Studying:

Formulas are most important for us because without knowing formula you can not solve  examples. in above mentioned topics you will find lots of formulas , still you have to remember this all formulas correctly . I would recommend you that prepare your formulas book so that it will help you for quick revision in one week before Gate ecam.

6) Use short Notes :

As time is so limited you should go for short notes . We have uploaded some notes and points that will help you little bit:
Gate Mechanical Notes Free Download Opens in a new tab.

 7) Because Of time limitation you should target specific Subjects. The subjects which has low weightage  , you can skip them . The subjects like Industrial Management , Refrigeration and Air Conditiong , IC Engine.
Decide yourself by analyzing Question paper and your Interest.

8) Engineering Mathematics and Aptitude section are Most Important to crack get because it has weightage of near 30 marks if you get here 25 marks ,exam will crack easily.
 Aptitude Notes Are Here Download and Prepare For AptiutdeOpens in a new tab.

Some Important Points That Frequently asked In Get Exam:

This constitutes 15% of the total marks of the paper. Problems on finding rank of matrix, type of solution (unique, infinitely many etc.), simple
integration (using Trapezoidal, Simpson’s 1/3rd rule etc.), Simple formula based Laplace Transforms, simple probability distributions
(normal, poisons, binomial distribution , uniform distribution ), directional derivatives, divergence, curl, simple dice problems, limits,
simple PDE
are all common.

This constitutes 10-15 marks of your paper. You can find simple FBD problems (just 1) for finding force, conservation of momentum, block and slope type (average stress and maximum stress for different sections like rectangle ,triangle etc.), Macaulay’s theorem (slope & deflection), one question on thin pressure vessels, problems on  various theories  of failure , torques,
and bending moment calculation, truss.


This chapter makes up a huge chunk of your marks – 15 to 20! Expect one problem on (Goodman or Soderberg or Gerber Criteria), bearings (life) calculation , torsion of a bar, loading on a plate with bolts, strain energy, S-N curve, degrees of freedom, output velocity calculation of mechanism, relative velocity approach, Instantaneous Centre Method, clutch power, brake power, belt drive, conceptual questions on D.O.F. of  mechanisms, simple gearing ratio problems on spur gears, type of mechanism (based on link
lengths), simple spur gear main, quick return mechanism, mobility.
(4) VIBRATIONS Questions on vibration account for 2-4 marks. You will find questions on simple single D.O.F , finding natural frequencies (underdamped, critically damped, overdamped)(5) FLUID MECHANICS
This chapter accounts for 5-10 marks. Expect questions on simple & differential piezometer, pressure column height calculation, Reynold’s no. calculation, hydraulic  power ,nozzle velocity etc. of turbines, continuity equation, Bernoulli’s  law (simple problems), tapered sections, pump parameters (speed, power, discharge), gates(of dams) force calculation, venturimeter , laminar flow.

This is another chapter that accounts for 5-10 marks. Problems asked are usually based on Rankine Cycle, Brayton Cycle, Regeneration in steam cycles, and other cycles, T-S diagrams, P-V diagrams, enthalpy calculations, C.O.P., ŋ, parameters of I.C. engine (power, volume capacity, stroke, ŋ, brake power), DBT(Dry Bulb Temp.), WBT(Wet Bulb Temp.), ŋ relations (otto ,diesel cycles), work done, exit temperature in various stages of cycles , pressure  of nozzle, compressor work calculations.

5-10 marks are generally allotted to this chapter. Make sure to study convection, conduction, radiation, Efficiency calculation, heat exchanger (parallel
& counter flow) outlet temp. calculation, biot number, Prandtl number, LMTD, Heat transfer through slabs, shells,cylinders, condenser,
view factor, unsteady cooling.

This is a monster chapter. It accounts for 10-15 marks. Expect formula based problems on machining (milling, drilling, EDM, ECM) machining time, current, tool geometry, punching, blanking, force; conceptual & theoretical questions; orthogonal machining  ,  heat & power required in welding, transformations (rotations, scaling etc.), solidification time, CNC machine G codes and M Codes , sheet metal, various types of fits, clearance calculation, arc welding, cutting time ( ) casting Defects.

10-15 of the total marks are usually from this chapter. Be prepared with forecasting model, CPM, PERT, depreciation, cost (labour, tool grinding cost,
waiting cost etc.), P-chart, C-chart, R-chart, X-chart, Time study, EOQ, standard time, demand, Poisson’s arrivals & departures , LPP
problems (graphical), simplex method, GO, NO-GO gauges, Machine allocation problems, Sequencing problems , EDD, SPT rule (scheduling)

Use this guide to plan out the next fifteen days of studies. Also, do not forget to prepare for General Aptitude, which not only carries 15% of the marks but are also filled with sitters that prove to be scoring. Concentrate on covering high-weightage + easy chapters first.

Sachin Thorat

Sachin is a B-TECH graduate in Mechanical Engineering from a reputed Engineering college. Currently, he is working in the sheet metal industry as a designer. Additionally, he has interested in Product Design, Animation, and Project design. He also likes to write articles related to the mechanical engineering field and tries to motivate other mechanical engineering students by his innovative project ideas, design, models and videos.

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