Design and Fabrication of Hand Water Pump Operated By a Pendulum

Design and Fabrication of Hand Water Pump Operated By a Pendulum

This Paper includes the importance of hand water pump using pendulum rather than using simple hand pump. One important feature of this pump with a pendulum is that the work is alleviated which makes work rather easier compared to a traditional hand water pump. It is used due to efficient mode in irrigation of smaller lots, water-wells and also used to extinguishing fires even by old people and children. With the help of pendulum based water pumping system that can increase the efficiency of the plant and reduce effort, cost of production, production time, manpower requirements.
Hand water pump is the best solution to lift the water without using electricity. But it requires a large human effort which is not feasible for long time. When we need the supply of water continuously this is not the best solution to lift water continuously. So Hand water pump with pendulum is the best solution for pumping water without using the hand pump. This is providing alleviation of work, because it is enough to move pendulum occasionally with little finger to pump water, instead of large swing. With the help of hand water pump work is alleviated became easier, long-lasting and Effortless to use the pump. A pump is also a device which can be used to transfer fluid. This pump is not only selected to raise and transfer fluids from one point to another point but also it meet some other criterion. The other criteria may be obtained with a constant flow rate according to the requirements. The main importance of pendulum based water pump is that the initial energy for starting the process, swing the pendulum is considerably minimum compared with work required to operate hand pumps. Typical hand pumps need large effort and an average person can pump continuously for a short period of time, but the water pump system need little effort, because it oscillate the pendulum and maintain the oscillation for several hour, without any fatigue. Large amount of electric energy can save with this process. With this process we can conserve energy and that energy can be used in various other purposes. The main advantages of this invention as compared to present hand pump are: it requires less force to start the pump, water consumption is less, and both arms are used to fetch water.

Design and Fabrication of Hand Water Pump Operated By a Pendulum
Design and Fabrication of Hand Water Pump Operated By a Pendulum


It is the main part of the pump system and it is made up of steel. The cycle frame consists of seven rigid links which convert the pendulum movement to the piston movement.
  • Reciprocating Pump 
This is a positive displacement pump. This is closely fitted with cylinder by the principle of actual displacement or a plunger which executes a reciprocating motion.
  •  Springs 
Spring is an elastic object which store mechanical energy. Here, In this system both tension and compression springs are used. The function of tension and compression springs to stretch and compress according to load applied.
  • Weight Hanger 
Weight hanger is used for holding the weight. It is also the oscillating part of the system, thus it acts as a pendulum.
Steps of fabrication of pendulum based water pump are as follows:
1. Collecting the required raw materials
2. Cutting the metal bars to required size
3. Fabrication of frame as per the design by utilizing the metallic bars
4. Fixing of reciprocating pump to the frame
5. Placing the lever at the correct position
6. And fabrication of pendulum to the lever end
  1. It takes minimum human strength as compared to present classic hand water pump.
  2. In comparison to hand pump energy required to initiate the pumping process
  3. significantly less for pendulum pump.
  4. Less water consumption.
  5. Compact size, relocate is easy, less moving parts, hence less is the maintenance cost.
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