Design and Development of Pendulum Operated Water Pump

Design and Development of Pendulum Operated Water Pump

Abstract –

The traditional hand water pump may take more efforts, the man who operates traditional hand water pump has to apply his force continuously on the lever of pump, due to which man who are using this pump get tired immediately. One important think of a pump with a pendulum is that the work is alleviated or in simple terms it makes work rather easier when is compared with a traditional hand water pump. It is due to this underlined feature which enables the pendulum pump to be used as an efficient mode in the irrigation of smaller lots, water-wells. By the use of pendulum based water pumping system we can increase the efficiency of the plant and reduce the effort, cost of production, production time, and manpower requirement.
The research done fill today is concentrated on the working and effectiveness of the mechanism only. Considering all of the advantages of the mechanism it was decided to use it for lifting water with the help of reciprocating pump such that the input to the mechanism is given by humans which is comparatively less than the effort applied by humans to lift water using hand pumps directly.

The main importance of a pendulum pump is that the initiation energy for starting the process of pumping, swinging of the pendulum, is considerably less when compared with the work required to operate hand pumps.
Typical hand pumps require sufficiently large effort and an average person can use the pump continuously only for a short time, but the pendulum pump requires only minimum of the effort, because it is only required to oscillate the pendulum and can maintain these oscillation for several hours, without any fatigue. The advantage of this invention compared to present hand pump solutions are: less force to start the pump, less water consumption, and both arms can be used to fetch the water.

Working Principle
The oscillation of pendulum has dynamic action of forces. When pendulum is at the extreme ends, the component of force acting on the lever due to pendulum is minimum level and lever is at extreme high position on pendulum side due to action of counter weights. While, when the pendulum is in motion & is at middle position, the force due to pendulum is maximum level & lever is at extreme low position as forces exceed that of the counter weights. Repetition of this phenomenon is the principle of working of the project.

Oscillation of the pendulum is the input to the model. These oscillations will cause the lever to oscillate about its pivot point. The other end of lever as connected to the rod of the pump; causes it to reciprocate thus giving the pumping action.


The working of pendulum pump is depends on the main parts like pendulum with suitable counter weight, main lever, oscillating mechanisms, reciprocating pump, spring. The motion of pendulum is depends on the effort applied by human being. The pendulum is connected to one end of lever .when we apply the force on the pendulum then pendulum starts oscillates this oscillates motion of pendulum transferred to the main lever. The main lever starts oscillates due to movement of pendulum, the liver is mounted on the top of the frame. The liver is supported by two pedestal bearing we can say that the oscillating mechanism. The liver oscillates in which oscillating mechanism. The connecting rod of the piston is connected to the liver the oscillating motion of liver is transferred to piston rod and then the oscillating motion of liver is converting in to reciprocating motion of piston.
When the cylinder is fully filled by water then water is goes out through outlet port. Where we get the output result of the pump in the form of discharged water.

Pendulum operated water pump
Pendulum operated water pump

The downward movement of piston is achieved by the spring. The spring is located at the end of lever at pump side. When the lever takes upward position then spring will expand and piston completes the suction stroke .at the next movement of spring is compression this movement is used to retract the liver. The spring also balances the weight of the pendulum.

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