Fabrication Of Turbocharger for two wheeler – Mechanical Project

Fabrication Of Turbocharger for two wheeler – Mechanical Project


Mechanical engineering without production and manufacturing is meaningless and inseparable. Production and manufacturing process deals with conversation of raw materials inputs to finished products as per required dimensions specifications and efficiently using recent technology.

In our project turbo charger for 2 wheeler is implemented for increasing the efficiency of an engine ,The output of an internal combustion engine is determined by the amount of air and fuel that can be pressed into its cylinders (1) and by the engine’s speed.

Turbochargers supply air to the engine at a high pressure, so more air is forced into the cylinders and is available for combustion.

An exhaust gas turbocharger is driven, as its name implies, by the engine’s exhaust gas (2). This gas, at a temperature approaching 600°C, is directed at high velocity onto the blades of a turbine (3), which drives a compressor wheel (4) mounted on the same shaft.

As it rotates the wheel (or “impeller”, sucks in ambient air through a filter-silencer, compresses it and feeds it via an after-cooler (5) to the engine’s air receiver (6), from where it passes to the cylinders.

Turbo charging increases engine output by up to four times. Thus, 75 percent of the engine’s power is dependent upon the turbocharger functioning efficiently.

fabrication of turbocharger for two wheeler mechanical project
fabrication of turbocharger for two wheeler mechanical project

Turbo charging not only raises the already high efficiency of diesel and gas engines to an even higher level, but also has important environmental benefits. By reducing fuel consumption, it lowers exhaust-gas emissions and supports end-users in their efforts to meet the stricter regulations that are on the way.
Nevertheless, it is the increase in engine power output that is the most striking advantage of turbo charging. The power increase factor corresponds approximately to the pressure ratio of the turbocharger compressor operated at full engine load.

1) Efficiency of engine is increased
2) Sudden pick up
3) Less smoke

1) High temperature occur in engine

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