Fabrication of Brass screw threading and cutting machine

Fabrication of Brass screw threading and cutting machine

Mechanical engineering without production and manufacturing is meaningless and inseparable. Production and manufacturing process deals with conversion of raw materials inputs to finished products as per required dimensions specifications and efficiently using recent technology
The figure shows the block diagram of brass screw Automatic Threading machine. Works on external Die principle. job is located in a chuck, in which a spindle is connected with the motor, the die is hold on a movable fixture which has a degree of freedom in single axis only, when a rod is entered into die in slow speed automatically threading operation will perform then when a thread is done for a stipulated length the machine will be reverse back automatically and thread is released
The control functions are programmed and stored in Control unit.  It consists of Set switches, LCD display; relay driver section, AC motor and main part of Control unit.
Control unit is a general-purpose device and is used for control purpose using a fixed program that is stored in ROM.  Many instructions are coupled with pins of the integrated package, the pins are programmable that is capable of having different functions depending on the wishes of programmer In Control unit based threading machine, the control functions are stored as program in Control unit.  If we can press the set switches, the number of inches to be thread in the MC, the threading will be performed. The setting value is displayed in the LCD display section.
When the program is executed, the signals from the MC are sent to relay driver and relay.  The threading inches will be coupled to the AC motor.  The mechanical action (corresponding to the threading which gets performed), is done in the threading machine.
In this way we can automatically or manual control to the threading machine using Control unit.
Fabrication of Brass screw threading and cutting machine
Fabrication of Brass screw threading and cutting machine
1) Accuracy is high.
2) Production time is less.
3) Easy to operate.
1) Capacity of the machine depends on motor.

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