Engine Powered Two Rows Rice transplanting Machine Project Report

Engine Powered Two Rows Rice transplanting Machine Project Report 

Mechanical Transplanting of Rice is the process of transplanting specifically raised seedling of rice using an engine powered mechanical rice transplanter at pre-determined and desired spacing.

A common rice transplanter comprises of:

  • A seedling tray like a shed roof o n which rice seedlings are set.
  • Seedlings pickup forks that pick up a seedling from the seedling tray and put the seedling into the earth.
  • Floaters and power transmission.

Machine transplanting using rice transplanters requires considerably less time and labor than manual transplanting. It increases the approximate area that 2 people can plant from 1acre/10hr to 1acre/3.7hr.
However, rice transplanters are considerably expe nsive for almost all Asian small-hold farmers. Rice transplanters are popular in industrialized countries where labor cost is high, for example in South Korea. These were first developed in Japan in 1960s, whereas the earliest attempt to mechanize rice transplanting dates back to late 19th century. In Japan, development and spread of rice transplanters progressed rapidly during 1970s and 1980s.

rice plant machine mechanical projects
rice plant machine mechanical projects


  • Efficient use of resources by saving on labor.
  • Cost saving (Rs 980 per acre).
  • Timely transplanting of seedlings of optimal age.
  • Ensures uniform spacing and optimum plant density (30 -35 hills/m2 with 4-6 seedlings/hills).
  • Less transplanting shock, uniform maturity of crop that facilitate timely harvest and reduce harvest losses.
  • Reduces stress, drudgery and health risks of farm labors.

Parts and functions

  1. The rice transplanter has two parts i.e. front and rear portions. The front portion has diesel engine ranging from 3 -4 HP depending on the make and toothed iron wheel, the rear portion has floating board, nursery platform, transplanting fingers with screws for adjusting plants/hill, depth setting lever, chains for height adjustment of float board and pedal for float-lifting.
  2. The floating board of the transplanter serves as a base and also helps in movement of the machine over excess water in the field.
  3. In general, rice transplanters transplant 2 rows in single pass with spacing arrangements i.e. 30 cm x 12 cm that maintains 30 hills/ m², respectively. Similarly, number of plants per hill can be va ried (2-4 seedlings/ hill).
  4. The labor requirement for transplanting using transplanter is 2 man-days per acre and 1 transplanter can cover 2.2 acres a day.


A rice transplanter is a machine that transplants the seedlings of rice in the paddy field from seedling box through planting arm using power of engine. This machine has vast application is Pakistan and Asia. The basic motivation of selecting this project was to solve the problem of farmers in transplanting rice seedlings by providing a facility of fast and economical transplantation. A basic structure was designed using dynamic study, strength of materials, sprocket chain mechanisms, applied and allowable stress analysis. We have used Creo pro and Solidworks software applications for modeling, simulation and stress analysis. Through farms and farm machinery institute visits we were able to understand the problem and work done so far on this machine more deeply and also the methods and techniques used to manufacture agriculture machinery.
Fabrication of parts was done using different tools e.g. press machine, grinder, welding plant, lathe, shaper and gas cutter. Choice of material relayed upon the strength required and material available. Cost analysis is done on the basis of CAD model and material selection. Testing will be done in the season of rice plantation.


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