Design and Fabrication of Vortex Tube – Mechanical project

Design and Fabrication of Vortex Tube – Mechanical project


Design and fabrication of vortex tube In the application point of view the application of vortex tube it used in different small scale industries to get the two various type of gas flow which ever the application is important we can use as per our convenience with same time. It separates the flow of compressed air due to energy separation effect. The main function of vortex tube is to convert the compressed flow air in to two different regions hot and cold side without moving any mechanical part. A vortex tube contains the different main parts vortex chamber inlet nozzle and cold trminal orifice, hot control valve and orifice. It works in such a way that the fluid enters in the tube circulates about an axis which is called as vortex. And that rotation creates a vortex from the compressed air and separates that flow in two in air streams hot and cold. From its centre the supercooled air is passed and which is being delivered though cold end port. The surface finish of nozzle and the tube i.e. hot end takes a important role in performance of Vortex this paper the it is observe that
the vortex tube with major values of surface roughness of cylindrical hot tubes are used to increase the efficiency of vortex tube . it results in C.O.P of vortex tube.

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A vortex tube is element which can generate the flow without moving any mechanical component. which converts the gas flow in initially homogeneous in temperature, in to separate flow of different temperatures. It separates the compressed glass stream in to a low temperature section and a high section such separation of flow in two regions low side and high side total temperature is considered as, the temperature or energy separation effect. The vertex tube consists of the following parts one or more inlet nozzles, a vortex chamber, a cold side orifice, a hot control valve and tube. In general the vortex tube known by different names. The most well known name as is vortex tube ranque vortex tube.
In the days of power crisis much more importance should be given to power saving and energy conservation. Efforts being concentrated on finding the new resource of energy or method of saving energy. A very low cost, affordable, maintenance-free output to a different industrial cooling difficulties. Using main power source of compressed air , vortex tubes generates two different types of air flow , one section hot side other section cold side, without any roating component .

Vortex tubes can produce:

  1. Temperatures from -50° to 260°F (-46° to 127°C)
  2. Flow rates from 1 to 150 SCFM (28 to 4248 SLPM)
  3. Refrigeration up to 10,200 Btu/hr. (2571 Kcal/hr.)

Vortex Tubes is generally available in three different sizes. Each size gives a number of flow rates, as it is possible by a very small inner component name as generator. These three different sizes are low medium and high.With reference to iis size it is being used in different heat pumps and refrigeration system as per the requirement of temperature of heating as same for cooling. Application of vortex tube is preferred in cooling of gas turbine rotor blades. Also used in different laboratories for cooling purpose. And the most applicable important purpose of vortex tube is used for heating and cooling application.

vortex tube
vortex tube

Initially the Compressed air from compressor at very large pressure is enters in vortex tube by passing from tangential nozzle. Due to this supply the air has very large velocity and it circulates at very large speed.due this reason the air is swirling vortex rotation in vortex chamber.the focal core of the air is
reserved by the implantation of conical valve which is preferably apply to maintain the internal pressure of the vortex tube. And the end of cold pipe which is made up with vortex chamber which is fix with washer that has half the diameter of pipe which is used. Also the washers of various sizes are preferred to manage the system. The outer stream exits the opposite end as hot air.

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