CAD Tut 3. Use of Status Bar and Visual reference- Ortho,Snap,Grid,Polar Tracking

CAD Tut 3.

 Use of Status Bar and Visual reference-Ortho,Snap,Grid,Polar Tracking

As part of the window AutoCAD is its status toolbar that contains buttons for ON / OFF function groups during the drawing. When the button is pressed then the active group of concerned functions to their preferences. The status bar contains buttons for the function: SNAP, GRID, ORTHO, POLAR, OSNAP, OTRACK, DUCS, DYN, LWT, MODEL.
I usually start with the following function buttons including: Ortho, Osnap, Otrack and Model.
During the work started drawing a line you can freely activate and deactivate some of the buttons in the status bar, without fear that will stop the action begun drawing a line.
For example: (AutoCAD tangent to the circle) when you start to draw a line and clicking on the desktop and then you want to connect to the line tangent to the circle already drawn for which sight is not included, simply click on the button OSNAP right 
mouse button, select the option for the tangent sight click on OK and continue to target the tangent  circles in the drawing.
Note that once you start a drawing and you clicked first click to start, no problem you can switch to another window or a function button in the status bar (Help AutoCAD, IE, OE, Photoshop, etc.) and then back into working AutoCAD window and continue with  his drawing.
Visual Interference toolbar
Visual Interference toolbar
SNAP – Function button Snap, on/off option which we determine what will be the support network that is a step that will move the cursor on the drawing. Here note, if you can not click the mouse pointer exactly to a specific location on a drawing, but you always Autocad positioned closest to a town then you SNAP included a big step. Simply turn off SNAP click of a button.GRID – Also note that on the same card can be On/Off GRID (F7)
The GRID option creates a pattern of lines that extends over an area on the screen. Using the grid is similar to placing a sheet of grid paper under a drawing. The grid helps you align objects and visualize the distance between them. The grid is not displayed in the plotted drawing. The default grid spacing, which means the distance in between two lines on the screen, is 0.5 inches. We can see that the sketched horizontal line in the sketch is about 4.5 inches long.ORTHO – Orthogonal drawing or rectangular drawing, it means that when you turn this feature lines that you drag the mouse will be angled in relation to the UCS and you can draw only the angle that is set and it is 90 degrees.

ortho use polar tracking
ortho use polar tracking

POLAR – Polar coordinates follow when you draw the line, if this function is activated then the Ortho automatically turned off because when you draw with the POLAR function of the mouse you can draw lines at an angle to the set and you can also set up and draw it with absolute or relative coordinates when drawing lines

OSNAP – Aiming (target) at a particular point of a line derived from activated Osnap which contains some basic positions on the  line, circle, image, and the like. Endpoint, midpoint, and other sights for other points of attachment appear only  when we turn Osnap mode (and turn on each target). All lines in the figure, circles, etc.. have a connecting point for the target, so to distinguish GRIP (grips) of the target.

OSNAP mod : F3 => Endpoint, Midpoint, Center, Node, Quadrant, Intersection, Extension

OTRACK – F11 – Intersetion, Perpendicular, Tangent, Nearest, Apparent intersection, Parallel
If you turn OTRACK / POLAR mode then you have an active extra dashed line that helps you draw the line to align with a line (point) to the already drawn parts of the drawings.

For setting Of above feature:

1) Right Click on Polar Tracking Icon (Visual interference Toolbar) and Click on Setting

Snap, Polar Tracking, Object Snap Setting
Snap, Polar Tracking, Object Snap Setting

Function key –Tips:

Using function key enhance your drawing speed.
 Ex.- In drwaing when you want on or off the osnap just press Function key F3.  Pressing osnap at status bar is also same.
F2 – Drawing /Text window 
F8 – Ortho on/off
F3 – Osnap on /off
F9 – Snap on/off
F6 – Coordinates on /off 
F10 – Polar on/off
F7 – Grid on/off 
F11 – Object snap tracking on/off

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