CAD Tut 2. Introduction To AutoCad Window and Toolbars used for 2D/3D Drafting

Cad Tut 2. Introduction To AutoCAD Window and Toolbars used for 2D/3D Drafting.

In previous article we discussed about AutoCAD Software Information and How to Install the software.Opens in a new tab. Now this tutorial deals with the basic features of CAD Software and its display toolbars.
Toolbars are used to quick access of commands that means instead of writing command you can directly access that feature with toolbars.

How to launch AUTOCAD Software:

1) On your desktop see Autocad 2012 ( or any year/version that you are installed) icon. click on it  or
2) START / ALL  PROGRAM / Autodesk / Autocad English 2012 / Lauch it.

AutoCAD Window :
When you Open Autocad you will get by default Drafting and annotation  workspace but you have to change it to autocad Classic   By using Workspace Control Toolbar because this view is supported in all version so I Will use that Only . 

how to change view to autocad classic view

Now ,Below screenshot shows Autocad Classic software drawing window with required toolbars
This toolbars are used for making 2D and 3D drafting.
Autocad Classic View
Autocad Classic View

How to enable Toolbars:

1) Basically you know the Menubar i.e. Menu box contain File, Edit, View, Insert, Format……. just see above Image.

2) Go to Tools in MenuBar /Toolbars/ AUTOCAD/ Select Toolbars

3) As shown in figure Enable or Remove Toolbars that you want. Basic toolbar names that will require to draw:

2D Drawing Toolbars

  • Draw- To draw Line ,circle, arc,ellipse or so many drawing shapes.
  • Modify- Modify the drawing -Operation like Move,Copy, Trim,Mirror and Offset.
  • Dimension toolbar– To Give Dimension to the object.
  • DrawOrder
  • Layer
  • Standard
  • Workspace- Already Mentioned this toolbar is used for selecting Autocad Classic view. 
  • Properties
  • styles
3D Drawing Toolbars
  • Modeling- Draw 3D objects directly like Prism, cylinder, Pyramid.
  • Orbit- To rotate 3D object in any direction.
  • View- This is important toolbar to change the view of objects i.e. front view,Side view, Top view, bottom View as well as 3d Views.
  • Visual Styles
  • Solid Editing
Tips : If you don’t know the toolbar name then move cursor on that toolbar and wait for some seconds , the name of toolbar will show .

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