The Machine we designed and fabricated is used for grinding any shape of object like Circular, Rectangular, and Polygon.  In our project grinding machine is used to grinding the different types of material. The grinding machine is rotated by the dc motor. Hence our project namely solar powered auto charging grinding machine is a Special type of Machine.
Solar Operated Grinding Machine Mechanical Project
Solar Operated Grinding Machine Mechanical Project


                       Solar energy it not only it is energy and is renewable energy. The resource is abundance not only can be free use but also does not need to transport to the environment it does not have any pollution. The solar energy is also set with two main defect: the energy current density low; it bear intensity variety of factors season climate and so on the ground point does not affect can keep constant. The large defect that greatly limiting the solar energy efficient utilization of. Even if the human the use of solar and it has very long  the history. In our country the two lifting many years before time it is known by using steel four sides of lens focusing solar light to the ignition; by using solar energy for drying of farm and sideline products. To the development of modern of solar energy by using the daily widely it comprises solar energy photo-thermal using solar energy photoelectric and use of solar energy light chemical and so on using. And [ flat heat collector as the invention claims a high efficient solar light using the element to several years of development is fast.


Block Diagram- Auto Charging Grinding machine with Solar Power
Block Diagram- Auto Charging Grinding machine with Solar Power

This project gives details of grinding various shapes and sizes of components.  This machine can be widely applied in almost all type of industries. This machine is fixed on the work table, where the compound rest.  Where the motor is on, the abrasive grinding stone and the roller wheel will be rotated. The solar panel is used to store the electrical energy to the battery. The battery gives the supply to the high torque D.C motor. Battery is connected to Inverter. In this inverter 12v D.C power supply will be converted into A.C power supply.  Inverter is used to boost a power supply from 12 v to 110 v for give a power supply to high torque motors. Controller unite controls the automatic ON and OFF of the grinding machine and motor.
            Solar energy means all the energy that reaches the earth from the sun. It provides daylight makes the earth hot and is the source of energy for plants to grow. Solar energy is also put to two types of use to help our lives directly solar heating and solar electricity. Solar electricity is the technology of converting sunlight directly in to electricity.  It is based on photo-voltaic or solar modules, which are very reliable and do not require any fuel or servicing. Solar electric systems are suitable for plenty of sun and are ideal when there is no main electricity.

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